Amex Lounge Entry 2

Date: 14th April 2015
Time: 12:30pm
Destination: Singapore

The American Express Lounge at Sydney International Airport is on the left hand side after going through customs. It takes approx. 5-10 minutes to walk there. I've always wanted to try this lounge and I had complimentary access as I hold the American Express Platinum Charge card.

You are allowed to guest one more person (above the ages of 17). Also kids are free as well when travelling with you.

I would say this lounge is perfect for a person travelling economy when going overseas. It's quite a basic lounge – but has pretty much what you want.

It is very new being open only a few months ago in 2014. It has a view of the airplanes jetting off and landing. As it was not busy – there were maybe a handful of people – it felt very relaxing as I sat and glanced at some complimentary travel magazines.

Amex Lounge Entry 1

Amex Lounge Entry 3

Amex Lounge Seats 1

Amex Lounge Seats 2

Amex Lounge Seats 3


I was surprised there was quite a bit of variety for the food on offer. It offered sausage rolls, potato salad and 4 hot dishes. There were also toasted sandwiches, cheese spread, profiteroles, panna cotta, nuts, soft drink, alcohol and barista styled coffee.

I only ate a couple of small sausage rolls and potato salad as I was saving my stomach for the Qantas lounge, which I wanted to visit again.

Amex Lounge Dining Area 1

Amex Lounge Dining Area 2

Amex Lounge Dining Area 2

Amex Lounge Dining Area 3

Amex Lounge Food 1

Amex Lounge Food 2

Amex Lounge Food 3

Amex Lounge Food 4

Amex Lounge Food 5

Amex Lounge Food 6

Amex Lounge Food 7

Amex Lounge Food 8

Amex Lounge Food 9

Amex Lounge Food 10

Amex Lounge Food 11

Amex Lounge Food 12

Amex Lounge Food 13


Complimentary wifi was given to all guests in the lounge that is pretty much your standard these days for all lounges. That would be a bare minimum I would say.

Couple of Notes

Remember that by entering this lounge – they do not call out your flight – so make sure you are promptly at your gate before departure time.


Nice lounge – better that most of the US domestic and even international lounges I've been to. I'll be sure to take my family here next on our next flight overseas.


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