I highly recommend anyone serious about flying business class one day to sign-up for the American Express Platinum Edge Credit Card.  

The benefits and features are outlined below:

  1. Cost is $199 per year as the annual fee. If you are part of an association such as a medical field – then the cost could be $99.
  2. You will receive 1 AMEX Membership reward point for each dollar you spend.
  3. If you go to a supermarket (e.g. Woolworths, Coles, IGA) – then you will receive 3 times as many points
  4. If you go to a petrol station (BP, Caltex, Shell or any other major outlets) you will receive double points.
  5. You can transfer your points to 8 different airlines. They include Asia Miles, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Malaysian Airlines, Emirates, Thai airways, Virgin Austalia and Virgin Atlantic
  6. There are monthly promotions to accelerate your points accumulation
  7. Every year you are entitled to 1 domestic Virgin Australia flight. This also included 23Kgs of check-in luggage.
  8. No points capping
  9. Receive 10,000 points on sign-up of the credit card
  10. Travel insurance included when using card to pay for flights.

To put things into perspective – you need 40,000 points for economy, 60,000 points for premium economy and 80,000 points for Business class. This is for flying to South East Asia – countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

If your credit card bill is $3000 AUD per month. Assume that you go to Supermarkets and petrol stations will be about $1000 per month and of those $3000.

So it would be 2000 points + 3000 points = 5000 points per month.

So over a year it would be 5000 points x 12 = 60,000 points.

This is enough for a premium economy flight.

But the best use of your points will always be business or first class. So wait for 4 more months (16 months in total)– and you could be flying business class. So for every 18 months – you could be flying on business class to South East Asian countries. Who wouldn't want that?

Now obviously the more you spend on your credit card – the more points you will receive – so your options will be increased.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Want to accelerate your points? Then refer your friends. For every friend you refer via Facebook – it could net your 10,000 points. Your friend will be receiving 15,000 points instead of 10,000 points when they sign up. I received 10 friends in 1 year which netted me 100,000 points – more than enough to fly business class.
  2. Short on points? They you can actually buy points by calling the AMEX Customer service. It costs $25 for every 1000 points you want to buy.
  3. Another way to receive points is the following. You can also donate to the MS Society $150 and it will give you $5000 points. Also as this is a donation therefore it is tax deductible – so you could be getting 30% of this amount back. Therefore it could only cost you $105 to receive the 5000 points. You can also do this in multiple transactions to receive the points.
  4. Malaysian Airlines usually have yearly deals where points are halved. So to fly to Kuala Lumpur could only cost you 40,000 points – instead of the usual 80,000 points. So you could nearly fly Business Class to South-East Asia every year for 2 people!
  5. Always keep your points stored in your Amex Membership Rewards account. Do not transfer unless you are sure of flying with your elected airline. The reason for this is you need to sign up for an account to the respective airline. Airline accounts expire as do the points. Points in Amex never expire as long as your account is active.
  6. As you have 1 Virgin Australia return flight with this credit card per year – you can actually save it – and use 2 flights on the second year of your credit card so you can take someone with you. Call the Amex customer service and they should be able to assist you.
  7. When booking hotels – if you book through - you will receive 10 times bonus points for every dollar you spend. So if you book for your friends and family – book for them using your credit card and see your points increase fast!

As with all financial products – please spend within your means. My mentality is that most people have a Credit Card – if they only understood the power of the points, the right credit card and the awareness of promotions – they could be flying business class every year.

If you do decide to sign-up for this card – please message me on my email – . I can then send you a Facebook referral and you will receive 15,000 points instead of 10,000 points. This comes a long way when trying to first start accumulating points to fly business class for some people.


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