I did some research on a reward seat for Qantas for a business class seat between Sydney to Singapore return.

The number of points required is 120,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points which I already knew. This is high compared to if I was to use Asia Miles Frequent Flyer Programme which only requires me 80,000 miles to fly on the same plane and the same route.

Now what I was really surprised of was the amount of tax that was charged for booking an award seat. It costs $650 just for tax! Now compare that to if I was to buy a Scoot economy ticket for $400 return from Sydney to Singapore – which already includes tax! Or if I used US Dividend Miles Programme which costs me only $250 tax to buy a ticket to South-East Asia.

Qantas is also reducing the number of flights from Singapore to Sydney as well which means less availability for award seats.

You also do not have the option to buy points the way you buy it with US Dividends Miles or American Advantage programme.

As I have written about the Qantas programme before – most Australians only know either this programme or Virgin's Velocity programme – which means they can charge high tax and charge a high number of points to fly anywhere.

Most people will never be able to fly on a reward points for Qantas for the following reasons:

  1. It requires too many points to be accumulated for you to fly anywhere. The best people can usually do is fly domestically to Melbourne from Sydney.
  2. People do not understand the value of points and how Qantas is overcharging their customers for everything
  3. There is limited availability for reward seats which makes it even harder for you to secure the seats you want. You need to be flexible with your dates.

Below are some tasks that can accelerate your Qantas frequent flyer points:

  1. Sign up for the Woolworths Everyday Rewards programme. You receive 1 point for every dollar you spend over $30
  2. Sign up for a credit card which will earn your multiple Qantas Frequent Flyer points. American Express ( have some credit cards geared towards Qantas frequent flyers.
  3. Fly Qantas or Jetstar when flying where possible to earn both points and tier status.

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