Seat: 3G

Class: Business

Flight No: OZ602

Route: Sydney -> Seoul

Departure Time: 9:30am Sydney Time

Arrival Time: 7:00pm Seoul Time

Duration of Flight: 10 hrs 30 min

Boarding the Plane Boarding the plane was nice and easy as I was in the priority line due to Business Class ticket.

Asiana Airlines Flight Boarding


There is an entertainment unit for each seat in Business Class. Unfortunately it is not an On-Demand system. There are 15 channels each with an English audio and Korean audio channel.

There is one movie/documentary/kids show on each channel that is repeated. So this is the one limitation on the in-flight entertainment. The screens initially seem quite far away from the seat – but when operating it – you can see that the screens are quite large for a flight and you adjust to it.

I was watching Back to the Future Part 1. It was quite a nice experience with the nicely shaped earphones provided.…