Seat: 3G

Class: Business

Flight No: OZ602

Route: Sydney -> Seoul

Departure Time: 9:30am Sydney Time

Arrival Time: 7:00pm Seoul Time

Duration of Flight: 10 hrs 30 min

Boarding the Plane Boarding the plane was nice and easy as I was in the priority line due to Business Class ticket.

Asiana Airlines Flight Boarding


There is an entertainment unit for each seat in Business Class. Unfortunately it is not an On-Demand system. There are 15 channels each with an English audio and Korean audio channel.

There is one movie/documentary/kids show on each channel that is repeated. So this is the one limitation on the in-flight entertainment. The screens initially seem quite far away from the seat – but when operating it – you can see that the screens are quite large for a flight and you adjust to it.

I was watching Back to the Future Part 1. It was quite a nice experience with the nicely shaped earphones provided.


The business class configuration is in a 2-3-2 format. I am sitting in the middle 3 on the aisle. This flight for business flight is less than half full so I am able to take advantage of the 3 seats to myself.

There is plenty of leg room and the seats are just wide enough to seat comfortably in it.

There is a table that comes out of the armrest for eating your meals.

In total there are 28 seats in the Business Class Cabin.

The seats have several modes where it can convert into a flat bed.

Asiana Airlines Sydney to Seoul Seat 4

Asiana Airlines Sydney to Seoul Seat 3

Asiana Airlines Sydney to Seoul Seat 2

Asiana Airlines Sydney to Seoul Seat 1


When boarding – I am presented with a dining menu for business class seats. There is a Western and a Korean choice. I opted for the Korean meal as I wanted to experience this more that a Western meal that I am sure I can eat on any other airline. The food service started approx. 30 minutes after takeoff. This is for lunch but time was only 10am Sydney time. So my recommendation is to have a light breakfast – especially if you are eating in the airport lounge before hand.


The Korean Meal had 3 entrees – very nicely presented and delicious. Please see below for the pictures. They include:

  1. Grilled Prawn with Thailand Style Dressing

Grilled Prawn with Thai Style Dressing

2. Pickled Turnip Roll with Crabmeat and Vegetables

Pickled Turnip Roll

3. Korean Pumpkin Porridge ‘Hobakjuk’

Korean Pumpkin Porridge

Main Course

The main meal was a Korean ‘Bibimap’. This is a mixture of vegetables and rice. It is served with side dishes of kim-chi and mini-sardines. There was also a nice tasty soup that comes with it.

Korean Bibimap


Nicely presented fresh fruit

Dessert - Fresh Fruit

Coffee and Tea

I chose a nice fragrant Jasmine Tea

Korean Traditional Cookies

Korean Traditional Cookies


I chose Apple Juice


I chose the famous Shin Ramen Korean noodles. Who knew you could make it so luxurious in a flight! They don’t just give you a cup noodle – they cook it for you and then present it nicely for you with 2 side dishes and a drink!

Ramen Noodles in Asiana Airline Flight

Snack Meal

This meal occurred at about 5:30pm – about 90 minutes before landing. Very good meal as a dinner – not too heavy.


Smoked Chicken Breast with Vegetables – very nice and light. Includes balsamic vinegar and bread.

Smoked Chicken Breast with Vegetables

Main Course

Stir Fried Kimchi with Pork – served with Pak Choi and Steamed Rice. Very delicious yet again – and simple. Again not too heavy – just about right. Nicely presented on a plate

Stir Fried Kimchi with Pork


Fresh Fruit and Green Tea

Snack - Fresh Fruit

Overall Dining Summary

I would say this is one of the best business class dining experiences I have ever had. Asiana Airlines is known to be able to serve nice Korean dishes and it definitely has lived up to this reputation. I usually don’t like eating a lot in the plane but this time I consumed most of the meal.


Given a bag of amenities, which include toothbrush, comb, eye patch, earplugs, and lotions. Slippers are also provided on the side of the seats. Nice souvenir to take away from this flight.

Amenity Bag

Amenity Bag Items



The nicely presented staff working in the airplane all spoke Korean and English. They were very polite and professional. The head of the business cabin introduced herself – “Cho”.  She noticed I took a lot of photos and ask if I was a blogger. I kindly provided her with my website and invited her to provide a reply/feedback in regards to this article. I would identify her as a person with the utmost professionalism – if every business flight had her high level of customer service – their airlines would be rated in the top 5 in the world – just as Asiana Airlines is.

Overall Flight Experience

Very confortable flight as I am able to put my bag on the next seat that is vacant. Ample leg-room, professional staff, wonderful food and service from the staff. The only negative would be the in-flight entertainment system which is not on-demand like other airlines.


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