BA Business Class Cabin 1

Date: 14th April, 2015
Departure Time: 3:30pm
Seat: 14G (Middle Aisle Seat)
Class: Business/Club World
Flight Number: BA16
Business Class Configuration: 2-4-2


I arrive at approximated 12:15pm at Sydney Airport – a bit more than 3 hours before the flight took off. I was able to check-in for quickly as there was no one in the business/Club World line. I was done within 2 minutes – possibly one of the quickest check-ins I've had. I did check-in online 24 hours prior to select my seat. You are only able to select your seat for free this way – otherwise you would have to pay at least $100 just to select your seat.

I was also given an Express Path – but as it was around lunch time – there was hardly anyone in the airport. So I was able to get through customs and security very quickly without lining up at all.

BA Business Class Cabin 2

BA Business Class Cabin 3

TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme)

As I had purchase an IPAD Air about a month ago – and since I was going overseas – I was able to take advantage of TRS. This is where you can purchase any item above $300 and claim GST (10%) back on your own account.

So I received approximated $80 back which was a nice touch. Around 10 years ago I did the same process when I bought an engagement ring for my now wife – so 10% back on a few thousand dollars is quite a good chunk that can't be ignored.

Airport Lounges

I was able to gain access to both the Qantas Business Class Lounge and the American Express Lounge in Sydney Airport. As British Airways does not have its' own dedicated lounge it uses the same One World alliance member in Qantas. American Express lounge I had access to because I had the American Express Platinum Charge card. I've written about these 2 lounges in the last blogs.

Departure Time

On my plane ticket it said that gate closes at 3:10pm. The flight attendants were a bit slow and I didn't actually get into the plane till 3:25pm. As I was on business class – I had priority to enter the aircraft – but it felt there were like 100 people flying on business class.


The cabin was actually full – I was able to get an aisle seat near the middle. The seat I selected was 14G. If you are flying with someone you know – you can select the 2 middle seats. There is a partition that can be lifted up by the press of a button so you do not have to be facing the opposite passenger.

Now the seat itself is average for a business class seat. It does have enough privacy because of the partition – but sitting on the aisle makes you feel very exposed. So it is similar to a pod such as the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class or Air Canada's Business class. But you are sitting parallel to the plane – rather than diagonally.

One of the disappointing aspects of the seat is that there is not much space or storage to put your items in. There is a space drawer near your feat – but it gave me an impression that is where people put their shoes in – so didn't feel nice putting items in there because of hygiene reasons.

I had a couple of magazines I couldn't put anywhere else.

Now the seat converts into a flat-bed – but it does feel very narrow even though most people can fit into it. I wouldn't say it is luxurious – but quite basic for a business class seat. Definitely not in the same realm as Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines Business class.

There is a power outlet and a couple of USB inputs to charge your laptops, smartphones, tablets etc which is always nice to have.

BA Business Class Seat 1

BA Business Class Seat 2

BA Business Class Seat 3

BA Business Class Seat 4

BA Business Class Seat 5

BA Business Class Amenity Kit 1

BA Business Class Amenity Kit 2

BA Business Class Amenity Kit 3

Entertainment Unit

The screen is about 12 inches – so probably good enough. The system is called High-Life Entertainment Unit. When I had a chance to glance through the movies – there were 39 of the latest Hollywood flicks.

They provide earphones – but not noise-cancelling unfortunately so when I was watching a movie – I could still hearing the airplanes droning noise which was quite unpleasant. I also brought my own Bose Noise Cancelling headphones but the airplane input would not fit into the holes in this pod – which was quite annoying so I had to put up with British Airways headphones

BA Business Class Entertainment Unit 1

BA Business Class Entertainment Unit 2

BA Business Class Heaphones 1


For this flight I was provided with dinner. I thought the food was above average – but not spectacular. For a 3 course meal it took approximately one and a half and a half hours which was a bit long. But they did have a lot of meals to take out.

Below are the 3 courses that I had:


Italian-style prosciutto and grilled artichokes and Kalamata olives
Fresh seasonal salad served with balsamic vinaigrette


Pan-fried barramundi fillet in tomato caper sauce with fresh herb risotto


Chocolate and salted caramel tart with crème fraiche

English Breakfast tea

BA Business Class Menu 1

BA Business Class Menu 2

BA Business Class Menu 3

BA Business Class Food 1

BA Business Class Food 2

BA Business Class Food 3

Other notables

If you staying in Singapore then you need to fill out a landing form if you are not a Singaporean citizen. This was quite easy to complete compared to other landing forms that I have done.


I thought the flight overall was a nice experience – everything was above board other than the lack of storage and it would have been nicer had the pod been a bit bigger. If your destination is Singapore – then I suggest not to indulge to much on the food in the place and the food in Singapore is what they are famous for.

The flight is about 8 hours long so if you get in about 3 movies and a little nap you should be there in no time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore.

Overall I am giving this whole flight experience a 7 out of 10.

Would I fly British Airways Business Class again? Sure – for a rather short international flight (I consider 8 hours short and 15 hours long) – then I would definitely jump at the chance to fly to get some work done and some pretty good service from the flight attendants.


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