Most people have a credit card – and they have either a Visa or Mastercard. A huge number of people though do not have an American Express card though because of the incorrect perception of high surcharges. Read my post on the Amex Platinum Edge card for why I believe everyone should have it.

As every person nearly has either a Visa or Mastercard – my recommendation in regards to value and reward points is the Citibank Visa Signature Card.

The benefits and features are outlined below

  1. The annual fee is $299 per year. There are times when the annual fee is waived for life – just as I signed up for it late last year. This makes it the best credit card for Visa/Mastercard on the market
  2. For every dollar you spend in Australia - you receive 1.5 Reward points.
  3. For every dollar you spend overseas – you receive 4 reward points
  4. You can transfer to either Virgin Australia or Singapore Krisflyer programmes for free. When transferring – for every 1.5 Citibank points you transfer – it equals to 1 points for these airlines. So effectively for every dollar spend domestically you receive one point – and for every dollar you spend overseas you receive 2.67 points.
  5. To transfer points to Qantas – you need to pay an extra $50 per year. I would not recommend this as Qantas requires the most number of points to fly anywhere and can take years to accumulate a decent amount to fly overseas.
  6. Priority Pass – you get membership to Lounges around the world. It provides up to 2 lounge accesses per year. This is a good bonus as staying in an airport lounge before a flight provides you with a light meal and refreshments.
  7. Travel insurance is provided when purchasing air ticket with credit card.