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Date: 14th April, 2015
Nights: 1
Room: Heritage room – I was told that I was upgraded 2 categories up

I booked the So Sofitel Singapore for 2 reasons. I knew that it was right next to a Hawkers market and I wanted to get my hands on some Singaporean cuisine. The Hawkers market is called Lau Sa Pat – quite big – but when I was there were only a few shops open. The second reason was that I hold Platinum Le Accor Club status – so I wanted to see what benefits I could get.

The hotel is boutique – it is modern and chic and I think more geared towards females with the style. The entry is not grand and has quite a small check-in counter.

Check-in was quick – under 5 minutes and I then walked to my room on the third floor – room 321. There are about 6 levels on this hotel – so again quite a small hotel – but still part of the Accor brand which was great – knowing that I will earn some points for the paid stay. The cost was about $220 AUD.

So Sofitel Singapore Check in 1

So Sofitel Singapore Check in 2

As a Platinum member – I was given complimentary Wifi, free access to the mini-bar. There were 6 drinks – Coke, Diet Coke, 2 other soft drinks, Milo and a Mango juice.

I was also given a dim sum container with some Singaporean delicacies. Don't know what they are called – but tasted amazing. Also there was 2 fortune cookies and chocolate provided as complimentary because of being a Platinum member.


The room was actually quite large – high ceilings – I think it was maybe 15 feet tall – with interested ceiling patterns and lights. No real view as I was only on level 3 – but didn't matter as I wasn't going to be there long.

So Sofitel Singapore Room 1

So Sofitel Singapore Room 2

So Sofitel Singapore Room 3

So Sofitel Singapore Room 4

So Sofitel Singapore Room 5

So Sofitel Singapore Room 7

So Sofitel Singapore Room 8

So Sofitel Singapore Room 9


So Sofitel Singapore Bathroom 1



So Sofitel Singapore Bathroom 2

So Sofitel Singapore Bathroom 3

So Sofitel Singapore Bathroom 4

So Sofitel Singapore Bathroom 5


I was given 2 single beds which was fine with me. It was nice and firm – I had no issues sleeping in it.


There was a bit of issue with the TV as there was no sound. I couldn't be bothered to alert the hotel as I was only going to be there for a few hours sleeping.

I was also given a voucher to have a drink at the bar in the hotel. I didn't do it as I'm not really an alcohol drinker – preferring to drink water or juice for better hydration.

The bathroom consisted of a stand-alone shower and bathtub. Modern and clean looking with some nice little amenities to take home.

So Sofitel Singapore Check in 1

So Sofitel Singapore Check in 2

So Sofitel Singapore Lau Sa Pat 1

So Sofitel Singapore Lau Sa Pat 2

So Sofitel Singapore Lau Sa Pat 3

So Sofitel Singapore Lau Sa Pat 4


A nice boutique hotel in the bustling city of Singapore. As a platinum member – there are usually deals during the year where it can be cheaper to stay here. Would I bring my family here next time? Sure - but probably wouldn't be my first choice as I would choose something that had more of a view as my kids love staying in hotel rooms.

The service was attentive and professional and would recommend this to anyone travelling to Singapore for a holiday.

So Sofitel Singapore Hall 1

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