Hilton Vancouver Exterior View 1Date: 24/4/2014

Room Booked: Basic Room

Upgraded: Executive Level (top level) with Lounge Access

Cost: $100

Hilton Vancouver Exeterior View 2


Checking in was quick and efficient as it was quiet. I arrived at 1:30pm from Vancouver Airport. It took 40 minutes to get to the hotel by taxi. The cost was $36.20 CAD.

The staff at the reception acknowledged my Gold membership and noted I was upgraded straight away which was a nice gesture. The hotel has 18 levels so a rather small hotel with a Hilton name in the Burnaby area in Vancouver


The room is very average – about 30 square metres with a King bed. There is a sofa chair near the window which lets you gaze out to the other side of Vancouver and the mountains.

The toilet contains a shower in the tub – quite old-fashioned. Has a TV has more than 40 channels.

There is a work desk as well.

Hilton Vancouver Room 1

Hilton Vancouver Room 2

Hilton Vancouver Room 3

Hilton Vancouver Room 4

Hilton Vancouver Room 5

Hilton Vancouver Bathroom 1

Hilton Vancouver Bathroom 2

Hilton Vancouver Bathroom 3


Hotel is located next to the 2nd largest shopping mall in Canada called Metropolis Metrotown. I had a walk through there an is equivalent to a Westfield Parramatta size. The décor I thought was not that great so didn’t feel as I was walking through a great mall.

The hotel is also next to an Asian Shopping Centre call Crystal which has 200 shops.

Hilton Vancouver Shop 1

Hilton Vancouver Shop 2

Hilton Vancouver Shop 3

Hilton Vancouver Shop 4

Executive Lounge

The lounge was very small. The evening drinks and canapés start at 5am. There were spring rolls, potato salad and sandwiches. Quite limited but enough to make a meal out of it. As I was in Vancouver which is famous for its’ chinese food – I opted not to eat too much of it.

Hilton Vancouver Executive Lounge 1

Hilton Vancouver Executive Lounge 2

Hilton Vancouver Executive Lounge 3

HIlton Vancouver Executive Lounge 4

Hilton Vancouver Executive Lounge 5

Hilton Vancouver Executive Lounge 6

HIlton Vancouver Executive Lounge 7

Hilton Vancouver Executive Lounge 8

Hilton Vancouver Executive Lounge 9


This hotel I would classify as 3.5 Stars. Clean enough for a night stay though – so not worried. Not nothing really classy or modern about this hotel. Good for padding my Hilton HHonor’s points accumulation though.

Hilton Vancouver Lobby 1

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