I’ve recently read a news article on which was explaining that flights using frequent flyer points earned from credit cards is not worth the effort as you would need to spend too much to just fly an economy flight for example from Sydney to Melbourne.

If you read every negative article in regards to frequent flyer points not be worth it and too hard to obtain then they will probably convince you that it is true. I beg to differ as it just requires you to overlook that and explore the numerous options of accelerating your points.

In this day and age – there is no real guide for frequent flying compared to when you want to invest in property. It all comes from reading forums and searching on Google what you can actually do with your points.

As in life – nothing comes for free – but with the right strategy and the right direction – then you could be accelerating your points significantly higher than what you think you could. If you treat your points like a currency and understand and maximize the number of points each time you shop – just by thinking ahead – you could be seeing yourself in a first class seat.

This comes from a change in mindset. By changing the way you spend money – but not spending any more than you need to – then you are exercising your mind to think outside the box each time. The rewards are great and when you start flying in premium cabins and your friends are still slugging it in economy – they’ll wish they were in your position.…

What is one strategy to get free frequent flyer miles? There are multiple ways to get frequent flyer miles – but what is the best way to accumulate them quickly? I’ve been in this game for years and there is one strategy that never fails me.

Receiving huge bonuses when signing up for a new credit card! Giving you an example – ANZ had a promotion where if you signed up for the credit card earlier this year – then they cancel the annual fee of $400 for the first year. Also by spending $1500 within the first 3 months – they will provide you with 50,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. That’s huge! Putting this into perspective – it takes 120,000 Qantas points to fly business class from Sydney to Hong Kong. So by receiving 50,000 already – I’m half way there!

Also if you have a partner or spouse and they are working – they can also sign up for the credit card. Therefore we received 100,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points for just signing up and spending the way we would normally spend our money on the credit card. So my strategy is to wait for 2 good deals per year and sign up for it. Once you do receive the points – it is good to cancel the card as you do not want to much credit cards against your name.…

So many of us have frequent flyer points and credit card points but don’t have a clue on how much they are valued. So what can you buy with frequent flyer points?

Well – really – you can quite a lot of items including toasters, televisions, cooking items etc. The Qantas store has a variety of gifts that you can buy. The question is – is it the best value? Of course not! Buying physical devices is the worst thing you can do with the points. I suspect possibly at least 90% of all people with frequent flyer points as well as credit card points will buy an item rather than redeem a flight.

Why? Well for the average person – it will take years before they can accumulate enough points to fly anywhere. So when they have enough points to buy something small such as a toaster – they buy that thinking it is the best value. And why wouldn’t they? There are several reports all over the media saying that points and miles is a waste of time. Especially credit card points that it is not worth accumulating it because points received is miniscule.…

Every frequent flyer will have a tactic on how they book cheap flights. These days because we have the Internet – booking and getting great deals is even easier! The strategies I implement are very straightforward to book cheap flights.

As we are also in the day of the Budget airlines such as Air Asia, Scoot and Jetstar – we are spoilt for choice. There is not much reason to fly business if you could get airfares to Asia for around $300 AUD return! But of course it depends on how much you value your flying experience.

The best thing to do is to sign up to all the newsletters and accounts for all the airlines so that you are updated daily on any specials for cheap air tickets.

In regards to full service airlines – I use to scan the cheapest tickets available during a specific time. If I find for example Qantas being cheapest – then I go straight to that website to see if there are any other bonuses with booking with them. This could be that if you book for travel during a certain date – you receive double Qantas points. I then calculate how many points I would earn from flying with them including also the double points. To me a point/mile is worth 5 cents when I redeem on Business Class.…

One of the things I love in life are Points. Anyone that knows me understands how incredibly passionate I am about this subject. I love how every time I spend my money – I am given the choice to receive something back. The name of the game is to get the best return in regards to points and to maximise the value of the points earnt.

Of course I know that my obsession with this differs me from the next person. Most people would only use cash in fear of being in debt with a credit card. I use to be that person 10 years ago. But if you are a frequent flyer - using points is one of the best ways to travel. I would have to say my loving wife changed my mind when she said that you could earn reward points for using a credit card. So she would redeem 16,000 Citibank reward points for a $100 Target gift card. But I learnt you needed to spend $16,000 to redeem a $100 gift card. Doesn’t sound like a great reward after spend that much money does it!

Anyhows – I didn’t think much of it and continued to use both cash and credit card whenever I felt like it.…

When I fly First and Business class often – I hear some comments of whether I’ve struck the jackpot. Other times I receive subtle indications on social media and gossip that I am flaunting my wealth.

When I post pictures of incredible Suites throughout the world – again I’ve got friends who question how I am able to do this and that they see more pictures of the flights and hotels then the destinations.

I can tell you that I am far from wealthy. I am your average guy earning an average salary. But what separates me from the next guy is I have a passion of making the most of what I spend on everyday purchases such as groceries, appliances, food, entertainment and clothing. I understand what my end goal is for both myself and my family in terms of financial security and my precious time with them.

First and foremost I understand the value of money and what it can do for you. Everyone has a choice in how they spend some money. I know people who have a high income – but are asset poor. So at the end of their working lives have nothing to show for it.  …