There is no denying my love for reward points from credit cards. When you reach the amount required to fly business class to Phuket or Penang and know that you have only had to pay the airline taxes – then you know you’ve accomplished a feat that so many others have not or have no clue about. What is even sweeter is when you have enough Hotel points to book a nice suite for that one week that you are there – again not spending a penny.

So the cost is minimal – but this will only occur if you plan ahead on knowing how to achieve the points total required to reach that dream holiday. I recently booked our 10 year wedding anniversary trip to the Maldives and Singapore flying Business class on Singapore Airlines for my whole family (wife and 2 kids) staying at the Conrad Maldives Overwater Bungalows and then also staying at the Duplex Suite at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore. This trip would cost me in excess of $50,000 but has possibly costed me maybe 10-20% of that as it was covered by points.

Or the other example is an upcoming trip to San Francisco/LA and Tokyo flying Japan Airlines First and Business Class and staying at the San Francisco Hilton Financial District, Doubletree Anaheim, Grand Hyatt San Francisco and the Hyatt Regency Tokyo (all in suites of course) for my family of 4. This trip would literally cost me in excess of $100,000 if I had to pay it all in cash – but at the end probably costed me around 10-20% of that price – the rest using points.

The way to look at it is that instead of using cash to pay for your purchases – use a credit card which rewards you with airline points and hotel points. By knowing which credit card to use and the specific strategy to apply to accelerate your points – you are reaching your dream holiday faster than the next person using their cash and their sub-par credit card. Basically you are not spending any more than you need to on your everyday expenses – but being wise on how you pay for these goods and services.

I have my friends asking me how I am able to fly so luxuriously – they think I must be wealthy! It’s all about knowing the rules of the points game – once the logic sinks through on why this works – the next thing is to earn enough points to redeem it.


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