Recently in April 2015 for about 2 weeks there was a special on Qantas Mall where it was offering double points to shop through there.

To give you a run down Qantas Mall is a shopping portal where if you enter your Qantas Frequent Flyer number and then it goes through to the shop online – you earn bonus points.

Now David Jones is usually 5 extra Qantas points. This is in addition to your own credit card points accumulated as well. So in effect you are earning 6 Airline points per dollar.

Now let's do some calculations here.

I estimate that each point is worth 5 cents of business class value.

If I buy a new bag worth $100 – I would be receiving 500 QFF points plus 100 Credit card points. So in total I would be receiving 600 Airline points.

Now 600 equals to $30 worth of Business Class value I am receiving back.

If you look at it this way – then every time you shop through the Qantas portal that takes you to David Jones Online then you would be receiving 30% back in Business Class value. Pretty cool right?

Now the special over these 2 weeks was double the amount of points for shopping on David Jones Online. That means a crazy 10 extra bonus points you are receiving back!

So by spending $100 – I am receiving 1100 airlines points. This equates to $55 back. Therefore the business class value I am receiving back is 55%!!!!

Also by going a bit further by price matching from other websites which had a cheaper price (it has to be a store which also has a bricks and mortar location) – you can get a further discount while getting the same amount of points!

Now to put a triple whammy on it – my American Express Platinum card had an offer where if I spent $100 – I receive $15 back on my statement – therefore the bag cost me only $85 while receiving $55 back in Business Class value!

So the real value of the bag is $30!

Iconic did one better where usually they are only 4 bonus Qantas points – but they had it to 13 bonus points for about 3 days during that time! Plus on my American Express – I had 2 offers for Iconic store – spend $199 and receive $50 back on the statement and also spend $100 and receive $25 back on the statement.

So I spent $200 on the Iconic. I received both the $50 and $25 statements back. So I was only charged $125. Also I received 13 extra points per dollar for spending $200. Therefore I received 2800 airline points (don't forget the credit card points as well). 2800 airline points equals $140 of Business Class Value.

So by spending $200 – I received $75 back in statement credit – so I only paid $125 – and I also received $140 back in Business Class value. It's like they are giving me money (or business class money in this case)!

This example that I provide you is one of the few cases that comes along where it makes sense to buy items that you were going to buy anyways (my wife needed to buy some work shirts and trousers) – so this makes sense.

As you can see by being open – understanding the value of points – and not spending more than you have to – you could be accelerate your points greatly


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