What I would like to talk about in this post is that your success in accumulating the points and miles to receiving that great business or first class for yourself or your family comes down to if you believe you can do or not.

I see this very similar to financial goals that I have put on myself. I've given myself a goal of being financially independent which is that I don't have to rely on a job. My goal is to achieve this goal within 10 years – this is using investment techniques and planning. I am able to do this as I constantly educate myself in regards to finances – being financially literate.

In terms of points and miles – this is very similar. I've met many people who would love to fly business or first for their family but haven't the faintest idea how to do it. Most people think about how people can even afford business or first class?

Even after explaining to them how I do it – they are fascinated by the concept – but I don't believe that they themselves believe they can do it. So next thing I know when I speak to them in a few months time – they've booked a trip by themselves – probably paying more than what I would have paid – but also flying in coach and staying in 3 star hotels.

It just astounds me that people know I can help them improve their holidaying experience for free because they are my friends – but just cannot be bothered picking up the phone and have a talk on how to do it.

It comes down to the mindset and the will of a person I believe. My mindset is that every time I spend money – I want to get the best bang for my money in terms of cash back, discounts and points maximization. My mind is thinking everyday of how I can obtain more business and first class flights for my family.

Over the last 8 years my family has been able to fly business class overseas every year due to my due diligence in understanding how to maximize the points and also understanding that every dollar I spend is an opportunity for me to increase my points.

The difference between myself and the next person in terms of accumulating and then redeeming the points for the best value product (i.e. business or first class) – is that I can extract more than 100x value.

I remember my friend who was with me shopping one day said not to worry about how much points I can get when buying an item. Are you kidding me! That's what irritates the heck out of me – people who don't use their mind (the greatest leverage in the world) to extract the best value.

By having the right credit cards, shopping at places which provides you the most points, understanding what your ultimate goal is and using your mind as the greatest leverage tool that God has given you – you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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