I’ve been pondering this thought the last few weeks on what makes a person actually fulfil any goal – let alone achieving that ultimate flight through accumulating enough points and miles over the years. What makes a person successful in life of their chosen passion? Why do so many people fail in their dreams and only a very few ever complete their goals?

One of my goals in life that is above points accumulating for that first or business class is actually being financially independent – how I don’t have to worry about money so I can travel in luxury every day of my life? How can I have enough cash flow so that both myself and my wife can enjoy not having to go to jobs to just pay the bills – but rather spend time with our children and seeing everything that this world has to offer?

It may sound cliché – but from experience over the last few years in terms of finance – 99% of people have no clue about investing in shares, property etc. Everyone has an opinion about how to get rich – but they themselves have a huge credit card debt and don’t know what the value of money is.

This is a bold statement that I am going to make – if you want to get that first class flight by accumulating enough points – then first you need to set your foundation right. I’m no financial advisor by any means but I know that I am good with numbers. It’s not how much you earn – but what you do with your money that counts. Turning that money into investments to provide you with an increasing passive income each year and being financially educated is what makes people financially successful.

So this is my next theory which is proving me right over the course over the last few years – you need to be good with your finances first – if you are not and have no assets accumulated – you can forget about accumulating points for your dream flight. I’ve had many friends tell me that they want to be able to fly business for themselves and their family for a great holiday. But they are not willing to change their credit cards to the ones that will provide them with the greatest return. It’s too hard to change their credit card because it is linked with their home loan, direct debits etc.

If you can’t be bothered spending some time and investigating what reward cards gives you the best bang for your buck – then my guess is that you haven’t looked at your own finances. You haven’t done a financial health check for yourself and your family.

That is why many people look at me and suspect that I spend all my money on travel especially in premium cabins. I can tell you straight up that I spend a bit more – but not a whole lot more because I have dedicated myself to learning the most advanced techniques to accumulate points and miles fast so myself and my family can enjoy travelling the world. But I can only do that if I understand my own finances. I’m not saying that I am there yet in terms of financial independence – but I review my financially goals weekly – I have the ultimate goal of being “retired” within 10 years.

At the end of the day – there will always be the people who are sceptical and jealous of people such as myself flying first and business class consistently. I encourage that if one of your life dreams is to fly first class – then you must set your foundations right. There is more likelihood that you will get that first class flight by accumulating points wisely if you understand your own finances and how to accumulate assets. Being financially educated makes all the difference.

Unfortunately the reality is that the majority of people are just not that hungry in achieving their goals – no matter what. I’ve got friends who have hectic jobs and complain they don’t have time to look at investments – but they do like the idea of flying first class one day. In 10 years time – their lives will still be the same – complaints and why life is treating them so hard. You chose your profession and the way you manage your time – I’ll choose my way of working smarter – not harder.

So in a nut shell – the correlation between being financially educated and flying first class through accumulating enough points has a strong link. Understand the value of money, then understand the value of reward points.

Think Differently. Don’t be a sheep – be the forefront of innovation.


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