One of the best ways to use your Qantas points is with an around the world business trip. This in my mind is one of the most aspirational options to utilise your Qantas frequent flyer points - which unfortunately I still rate as one of the worst in the airline industry. You need a high number of points to travel and the number of award seats for premium seats is getting really rare - especially going directly to North America.

To fly around the world on business class for Qantas requires 288,000 points (144,000 for economy). To pay for this yourself without using points would cost you at least $10,000 AUD depending on which season you go. So saving this many points is definitely worth it.

Qantas is part of the One World Alliance – so to construct your itinerary you can use these code share partners as well. This includes Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Japan Airlines and American Airlines.

Since I have travelled quite a bit in premium cabins – I know which cabins that I should aim on getting. You are allowed 5 stops around the world. Imagine if you are able to take 2 months off – then you would try to fly to the different continents. Once you are in London for example – you could take the Budget airlines to fly to the other cities for cheap. But the international flights are all on Business – this is important as these are the longest legs of the journey.

At the moment till end of June 2015 – Qantas is having a Quadruple points with the Hilton hotels. That means if for your Hilton account – you have set your account to earning points and miles when staying at a Hilton branded hotel – then you will receive for every US dollar – you get one Qantas Frequent Flyer point – then multiple that by four times.

I recently stayed at the Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel with my family. To give you a run down on how this Triple whammy of points came about let me document it below.

As I stayed with Hilton and also a Gold Member – I receive 25% more base points. So I paid $1500 AUD. So approximately that is $1300 USD. I received 1300 x 10 = 13,000 Hilton Points. Currently till end of April there is a Double points promotion with Hilton. So therefore I received 26,000 points. Now add on top of that the 25% more points I receive from the base points which is 3250 Hilton Points. So I received 29,250 Hilton points.

Now as I have set my Hilton account to double-dipping which means I can earn Qantas points as well – I originally get 1300 QFF. As there is a Quadruple points promotion – I received 5200 QFF points.…

Question I get asked is what is the best frequent flyer program? Well – hate to say it – but it depends. Almost everyone who flies or shops will have their own preferred Frequent flyer program that they like to have points credited to. My answer to you is – what is your goal? Is it to fly to the US in 2 years time with your family? Is it to fly business class to Singapore next year? Do you just want to redeem the points for a toaster?

If you live in Australia – it will be hard to get away from Qantas or Virgin frequent flyer programs. The reason is that many of the shops such as Woolworths, Coles, Target, Big W allows you to credit your points to different programs which then allows you to covert them straight to Qantas or Virgin points.

Since my family shops regularly for groceries – the two biggest players in the Supermarket wars here in Australia is Woolworths and Coles.

Woolworths has the Everyday Rewards system where you are able to link the account with your Qantas account. To create a Qantas account usually costs $82 – but if you create through the Everyday Rewards account – it is free. So therefore saving you the once-off fee.  For every dollar you spend above $30 – you earn one Qantas point into your account. What I love about this is that you can combine any other card such as the American Express Platinum Credit Card – which you receive 3 points per dollar you spend – to accelerate your points. So if I spent $100 at Woolworths I would earn 3 x 100 Amex Points plus 70 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. So total would be about 370 points.  Personally I value the points at 5c per points. Therefore 370 points x 5c = $18.50.

This means when I spend $100 at Woolworths – I am receiving $18.50 worth of points if I am ultimately going to redeem for a business class seat later on with Qantas for example.…

Date: 25/9/2014

Let me describe you one of the cases of how do I use frequently flying miles.

Qantas Business Class Lounge Dining Area 1

I arrived in Sydney Airport at 5.30am for a flight from Sydney to Hong on Cathay Pacific Business Class Flight.

Sydney Airport Check-In Cathay Pacific

I have access to the Qantas Business Class Lounge as my ticket is a Business Class Ticket on Flight No. CX110. Normally this is the case for airport lounge access when you have a Business or First Class seat.…

You may want to start investigating how may points it takes to fly once you have a decent amount of points accumulated. You ask yourself: "How do i use frequent flyer miles"?

Depending on which airline you are trying to redeem with and the route you want to go by – it can get extremely complicated and time-consuming if you do not know the main airline hubs.

Generally speaking – the best way to look at routes in my opinion is to look at the longest leg of the flight first. Once you have found the date and times for that – then you can work on the smaller routes and book flights cheap.

The 3 basic cabins most airlines have are Economy (Y), Business (J) and First (F). I have always preached you using frequent flyer miles on Business or First – never on Economy.…

Don’t be Fooled that there is only Qantas and Virgin as the Airline Loyalty Programmes you can join. As we live in the Australian economy – these 2 programmes provide us with the most incentives to shop, sign up for credit cards and even take out home loans these days

I certainly have an account with these 2 programmes – but I also have around 20 other different Frequent Flyer Programmes around the world.  This provides me more flexibility, options and value then just either having Qantas or Virgin.

For Qantas – as it is part of the One World Alliance team – you need more points to redeem for a flight then with Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles or Singapore’s Krisflyer programme.

This doesn’t provide value in terms of points – which makes me focus on other different methods to accumulate points for other frequent flyer programmes faster.…