That is possibly the question on a lot of people's mind who had collected Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

My personal opinion is that it takes too many points to accumulate to fly anywhere with this program.

An example of this is it takes 60,000 points to fly to South-East Asia on economy for Qantas. Compare it to Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines and it only take 40,000 points.

Unfortunately Qantas promotes their programme effectively within Australia (e.g. Woolworths Everyday Rewards earns Qantas Frequent Flyer points). So the majority of the population only either recognize Qantas and to a slighter extent – Virgin – as the only 2 frequent flyer programmes.

As Qantas knows this is the case – they can make the number of points expensive – so it can take the average flyer who might only fly Qantas once or twice every year a long time before they can accumulate enough points to fly anywhere.

This year – Qantas is going through a major restructure – which has caused redundancies and fear for the demise of the airline. Many people were wondering what would happen to their points?

Qantas haven't increased their classic award chart for at least 6 years – so I suspect they will make some changes before the end of this year.

So if you have enough points to fly international – then I would suggest you use it this year. Otherwise you might kick yourself by not taking up the opportunity before points devalue.

I will always say this – if you have enough points to fly business or first – please take this as the first option before you fly economy. I will explain this later in my posts.…