At the moment till end of June 2015 – Qantas is having a Quadruple points with the Hilton hotels. That means if for your Hilton account – you have set your account to earning points and miles when staying at a Hilton branded hotel – then you will receive for every US dollar – you get one Qantas Frequent Flyer point – then multiple that by four times.

I recently stayed at the Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel with my family. To give you a run down on how this Triple whammy of points came about let me document it below.

As I stayed with Hilton and also a Gold Member – I receive 25% more base points. So I paid $1500 AUD. So approximately that is $1300 USD. I received 1300 x 10 = 13,000 Hilton Points. Currently till end of April there is a Double points promotion with Hilton. So therefore I received 26,000 points. Now add on top of that the 25% more points I receive from the base points which is 3250 Hilton Points. So I received 29,250 Hilton points.

Now as I have set my Hilton account to double-dipping which means I can earn Qantas points as well – I originally get 1300 QFF. As there is a Quadruple points promotion – I received 5200 QFF points.

The third part of this is using the right Credit card to gain even more points. By using American Express Platinum Charge card which earns me double points because it is travel related – I earned $1500 x 2 = 3000 Amex points

So I have earned 29,250 Hilton Points, 5200 Qantas Frequent Flyer points and 3000 American Express Membership Reward points.

Now to put that into dollar value – I will put the 5200 QFF and 3000 Amex points and Airline miles first. So that equals 8200 Airline miles. Now if I value each point as 5 cents worth of Business Class Value then that would equal to $410.

In regards to the Hilton points – 80,000 Hilton points can get you a $400 room. So 29,250 points would equal to about $150 worth of Hilton Hotel value.

So the value in terms of points I am getting back is $410 + $150 = $560.

So by using this triple points promotion I am getting more than 33% back in terms of business class value of the original $1500 I spent on the hotel.

Now if I do this consistently with all my finances and purchases – not spending more than I have to – then the number of points I earn will consistently build up quickly allowing me to accumulate enough points for a family holiday.

Earning points as a strategy is a great way to provide an incredible travel experience for your family with memories that will last a life time.

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