One of the best ways to use your Qantas points is with an around the world business trip. This in my mind is one of the most aspirational options to utilise your Qantas frequent flyer points - which unfortunately I still rate as one of the worst in the airline industry. You need a high number of points to travel and the number of award seats for premium seats is getting really rare - especially going directly to North America.

To fly around the world on business class for Qantas requires 288,000 points (144,000 for economy). To pay for this yourself without using points would cost you at least $10,000 AUD depending on which season you go. So saving this many points is definitely worth it.

Qantas is part of the One World Alliance – so to construct your itinerary you can use these code share partners as well. This includes Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Japan Airlines and American Airlines.

Since I have travelled quite a bit in premium cabins – I know which cabins that I should aim on getting. You are allowed 5 stops around the world. Imagine if you are able to take 2 months off – then you would try to fly to the different continents. Once you are in London for example – you could take the Budget airlines to fly to the other cities for cheap. But the international flights are all on Business – this is important as these are the longest legs of the journey.

I am aiming to take my family of 4 in the next few years to accomplish this – to fly around the world in business class on the One World Alliance. My routing would be the following:

  1. Sydney to Tokyo flying Japan Airlines Business Class. Hopefully in a few years the plane would have been upgraded with their new Business Class seats – their current old seats are terrible. By flying into Tokyo – you then have the option to explore Osaka and Kyoto via the Shinkansen (Bullet Train).

  2. Tokyo to London Flying Japan Airlines Business Class. I could have travelled British Airways – but I will try to avoid them because of the high fuel surcharge. Plus Asian carriers are always more superior than British Airways or US carriers. London provides our family a chance to go around Europe cheaply on Budget Airlines such as Ryan Air.

  3. London to New York Flying American Airlines Business Class. The choice here is to fly British Airways or American Airlines. I don’t have much high regard for British Airways since I have flown with them – but would be interested in the American Airlines offering. But still I wouldn’t be too excited because American Carriers are so inferior to the Asian Carriers and also Qantas/Virgin as well. Being in New York allow my family to travel around the East Coast of North America cheaply on South West Airlines and EasyJet for example. Cities such as Orlando, Miami, Chicago and Toronto would be nice visits.

  4. New York to Vancouver Flying Cathay Pacific Business Class. This is one of the best routings to fly Business Class as Cathay is my favourite Business class product out there. This is the only international flight that flies domestically within North America and gets you to the West Coast of the continent. From there I could book cheap flights to San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego.

  5. Vancouver to Hong Kong Flying Cathay Pacific Business Class. My last stop before flying back to Sydney is a no brainer – Hong Kong – my favourite city in the world. Also on the best business class in the world that can take at least 12 hours to get to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong I could fly cheaply again within Asia using Air Asia and Jetstar for example.

  6. Hong Kong to Sydney Flying Cathay Pacific Business Class. Flying back to Sydney on Cathay Pacific would be most ideal because of the incredible offering they provide.

So that is my 5 stops around the world using Qantas Around The World option. Most of it is on Cathay Pacific Business Class . If has 6 weeks during the School holidays in Jan/Dec – this would be the way I would travel. Of course if you had more time such as 3 months then you could travel more of this world.

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