Don’t be Fooled that there is only Qantas and Virgin as the Airline Loyalty Programmes you can join. As we live in the Australian economy – these 2 programmes provide us with the most incentives to shop, sign up for credit cards and even take out home loans these days

I certainly have an account with these 2 programmes – but I also have around 20 other different Frequent Flyer Programmes around the world.  This provides me more flexibility, options and value then just either having Qantas or Virgin.

For Qantas – as it is part of the One World Alliance team – you need more points to redeem for a flight then with Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles or Singapore’s Krisflyer programme.

This doesn’t provide value in terms of points – which makes me focus on other different methods to accumulate points for other frequent flyer programmes faster.

Some of the most Incredible Frequent Flyer award programmes that everyone should sign up for are:

  1. US Dividend Miles
  2. American Airlines AAdvantage
  3. Avianca LifeMiles
  4. Alaska
  5. Singapore Airlines Krisflyer
  6. Asiamiles
  7. British Airways Avios

There are many others – but the above 7 award programmes is a good start.

By signing up to these programmes you will receive lucrative promotions for sales, miles discounts and other benefits to enhance your flying experience.

My recommendation if you have a credit card that is linked just to either Qantas or Virgin – review your options – see what credit cards are out there which gives you more options to earn more points with airlines that require fewer points to redeem for flights.  I have highlighted some credit cards in previous blog posts so maybe start there.

The rule of thumb for points is not put all your eggs in one basket – maybe have at least 3 or 4 different frequent flyer programmes you are earning points for. Again don’t have your points spread out with 20 different airlines.

Credit cards is a good place to start as you can keep it in your credit card account until you want to fly and can decide which frequent flyer programme to transfer to depending on availability, promotions and personal choice. 


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