Have you ever had nearly enough Krisflyer points – but just fell short of that 20,000 points to fly that First Class Suite from Singapore to New York? Many would think close enough – but still not enough to redeem that dream flight. So what are the options? I will provide 2 of the most common ways.

First is on Singapore Airlines Krisflyer programme – if you have at least 50% of the Krisflyer points required for redemption with the flight then you have the ability to purchase points to complete the redemption. They sell for $40 USD per 1000 Krisflyer points. So if I had 50,000 Krisflyer points but short of 43,000 points to get a business return flight from Sydney to Singapore (it takes 93,000 points) – it is going to cost me $1720 USD. So this is roughly $2000 AUD to complete the purchase. Does it make sense to pay for this flight – or just fly economy for 40,000 Krisflyer Points?

My advice is pay that $2000 for the extra points because essentially you will be paying $2000 for a $5000 valued flight. But obviously if you would like to save that $2000 and just fly economy – everyone to their own.

The second and my preferred option is buying points through American Express. If you have any of the cards which has Membership Rewards – this is directly from American express – not bank-issued cards such as the American Express Platinum Edge or the American Express Platinum Charge card – you can actually call up the American Express hotline and purchase the required points.

There is no minimum or cap on the number of points to buy – plus it only costs $25 AUD per 1000 points which can then be transferred to your Krisflyer account. So this is essentially nearly half the price you would pay compared to purchasing the points directly from Krisflyer.

So that 43,000 points is only $1,075 AUD to complete a redemption of a business class seat from Sydney to Singapore.  So in this case my advice is to buy the points from Amex and redeem for a business class flight. It would be crazy not do it any way but this!

With Amex Membership Rewards – Singapore Airlines is not the only partner – it also includes Cathay Pacific, Virgin Austratlia, Virgin Atlantic, Thai, Air NZ (don’t ever buy points for this programme!!!!), Malaysia Airlines, Qantas and a few other airlines. So you could apply this technique to these other airlines as well to choose the vast array of award seats available.


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