The Krisflyer programme for Singapore Airlines is a favourite for many people. I believe one of the best reasons is because of the superb product especially in the First Class Suites. The other reason - and this is especially for Australians - is the alternative flight choice than Qantas or Virgin Australia. The redemption rates are much more reasonable than both of these airlines and one of my first two redemptions - the other being Cathay Pacific.

Some below are some pointers when redeeming Award seats on Krisflyer

Booking for other people

You are allowed to nominated up to 5 other people on your Krisflyer account to book seats for. There is an online form where you can enter all your details and other people's as well. This is found in your Profile section of the account

Booking Online

When you book online you are given 15% off the total of the award ticket. So when all possible and you don't need assistance from the call centre - use this method. In most cases as far as I know this is only possible when flying on Singapore Airlines metal – not other carriers.

Booking Ahead

The award schedule opens 350 days ahead. I’ve noticed quite a few premium award seats when booking close to this timeframe. I recently booked my family of four on a trip to the Maldives and Singapore via Krisflyer and made sure I gave the best possible chance to secure my chosen flights. In regards to first class suites – Singapore Airlines having been releasing up to 2 award seats for this.

Using Star Alliance Partners to Fly

To places that Singapore Airlines does not fly to you may require to use a Star Alliance partner to fly instead. This includes other airlines such as ANA, Asiana, Thai Airways, Air China and Air Canada. This though does not give you the 15% off as you will most likely need to make the flights through the call centre and not online. Also the number of Krisflyer points required is more for a partner than just flying on Singapore Airlines itself.


Unfortunately one of the cons of the Krisflyer programme is the high taxes you need to pay. For example flying from Sydney to Singapore will cost you more than $650 in taxes when flying business class compared to say US Dividend Miles which will only charge you $200.

Getting Value for your Points

One of the neatest routing rules in the programme is that if you wanted to fly to Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines – this requires the same number of points as if you were just flying to Singapore alone. So I think it will be silly not to fly to another South-East Asian country instead of just Singapore for the Krisflyer program.

Future of Krisflyer

In my opinion the Krisflyer award programme is very valuable and very reasonable. Flying First Class to Singapore from Sydney return on First Class Suites is only 127,000 Krisflyer points. Compare this to Qantas Business Class for example on the same route which require 120,000 Qantas free Frequent Flyer Points and you are clearly getting a superior First Class product (possibly the best in the world) with Singapore Airlines compared to Qantas – which is actually improving with the new business class seats being installed in the aircrafts this year.

If I was a betting man – I think that Krisflyer will devalue the points this year or the next because of the value it provides to the customer. Plus there are so many other Frequent Flyer programmes out there devaluing their programmes now. British Airways have just recently devalued their Avios programme but does not come into effect till April this year. US Airways and American Airlines are merging their loyalty programmes in the second quarter of this year which will most likely devalue the points as well.

So I recommend that if you want to experience the Singapore Airlines First Class Suites and you have enough points to fly – I encourage you to redeem it sooner than later.


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