This is my first post. Today I would like to talk about one of my favourite frequent flyer programme – US Dividend Miles (USDM).

There is currently a Share promotion from the 7th-14th April. This is probably the most lucrative promotion out there where effectively you are buying 50,000 points for $650AUD. This also includes tax.

Below is the link:

To put this into perspective – it currently costs about 90,000 points to fly business class to South East Asia from Australia. As USDM is part of One World (it was Star Alliance before 31st March, 2014) – you can fly to these countries with a few of the best airlines in the world for Business Class – Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Japan Airlines.

So if there was another Share promotion later on the year after taking this offer – it could cost your around $1100 for a business return flight from Hong Kong for example on Cathay Pacific. Factor in tax – say about $300 – then total cost of a return business flight on either CX, QF or JAL is $1400.

By picking up an award seat during peak season – an economy ticket can cost in excess of $1500 if you pay for it using cash– while an award business class seat would only cost you $1400.

I will be writing more about the US Dividend Program (amongst others) later in the blog – but if you already have an account – I highly recommend to "Share" the miles. Your account needs to be at least 12 days old and need to have at least 50,000 miles for it to work.