One of the best frequent flyer programs out there was the US Dividend Miles program by US Airways. The integration into the merge in terms of the IT aspect of combining both USDM and American Airlines Advantage program was completed at the end of March 2015.

Therefore if you had a USDM account – it is now actually an AAdvantage account and using their routing rules. All points converting across is one to one so you really haven't loss anything there.

But in terms of the ridiculous routing you could put together for USDM – that is forever gone now. AAdvantage routing rules are much more strict – but can have some advantages.

The biggest issue is that you cannot transit a different continent to get to your destination. For example you cannot go from Sydney to America via Asia. This would require 2 award tickets. So you need to find a direct flight from Sydney to the US – but that could be very hard to do as it is usually only Qantas in the One World Alliance that provides this service and getting business and even first class is extremely hard.…

One of my favourite frequent flyers programs is the US Airways Dividend Miles. It has enabled me to fly first and business class for amazing prices before in terms of buying the points and redeeming it. This programme though will merge with AAdvantage (American Airlines) sometime possible in the second quarter of 2015. Currently there is another promotion in regards to buying points. Over the last year there have been continual promotions for buying points. But I suspect this to be one of the last – if not the last chances you will be able to buy the points and redeem it on a generous routing system in the next 2-3 months.

The promotion is from the 2nd of February to 3rd of March where you can receive up to 30,000 bonus miles when you buy with US Dividend Miles. Also if you buy before 9th of February you also get a 10% discount.

See below the link for this:

US Airways Dividend Miles Website

Now below are some pointers of this programme…

Want to fly to the US or Europe on Business and First Class for the price of an economy ticket? How about flying around the world for a fraction on the price?

With US Dividend Miles programme – you now can. I am flying to the US at the moment via Asia all on Business and First Class flights. How much you ask? Less than $1500 AUD. This ticket if bought outright would cost at least $20,000.

US Dividend Miles is part of One World Alliance (previously part of Star Alliance). With the rewards chart – to fly to North America on Business is 110,000 Miles return. To Fly to Europe is 140,000 Miles return.

Now how do you obtain these points? You can't earn them through Amex or any credit cards here in Australia. So what you need to do is buy the miles

Below are the details:

  1. Sign up for a US Dividend Miles account.
  2. You need to wait 12 days before you can buy, receive or share miles.
  3. If you buy 50,000 miles outright – it will cost you around $2,200 AUD. You don’t want to do this. You want to buy the points when they are on special. There are regular promotions where if you buy 50,000 miles – you receive another 50,000 miles. That would be a total of 100,000 miles. You now need only another 10,000 miles. So your total cost to buy the points could be about $2,500 AUD. Add Tax of about $300 – and to fly to the US would cost you about $2,800 AUD on Business Class. Not bad as an economy ticket in high season can cost more than $2,000 AUD
  4. The best way to buy the points is through the “Share” promotion. These promotions do not happen as regularly as the above – but it involves sharing points with another account holder, and them sharing it back. By doing this – it is only costing $650AUD for 50,000 miles. So if you need 110,000 miles – then the cost would be $650 x 2 = $1300. Add another 10,000 miles – cost maybe $150. Then add tax: