One of my favourite frequent flyers programs is the US Airways Dividend Miles. It has enabled me to fly first and business class for amazing prices before in terms of buying the points and redeeming it. This programme though will merge with AAdvantage (American Airlines) sometime possible in the second quarter of 2015. Currently there is another promotion in regards to buying points. Over the last year there have been continual promotions for buying points. But I suspect this to be one of the last – if not the last chances you will be able to buy the points and redeem it on a generous routing system in the next 2-3 months.

The promotion is from the 2nd of February to 3rd of March where you can receive up to 30,000 bonus miles when you buy with US Dividend Miles. Also if you buy before 9th of February you also get a 10% discount.

See below the link for this:

US Airways Dividend Miles Website

Now below are some pointers of this programme

Age of your account

Your account needs to be at least 12 days old before you can buy miles. So if haven’t signed up yet and want to buy miles you can still get the promotion but not the 10% discount as well.

Limit of Points to Buy

The great thing about this programme is that there is no limit to the number of transactions you can perform in buying these points. Unlike AAdvantage where you can only buy 100,000 miles per year.

Routing rules

US Dividend Miles allows you to have one destination (e.g. New York) and also one stopover (e.g. Hong Kong). Along the way if you go through other cities in your routing and is less than 24 hours – that is counted as a layover which you can have multiple times. I was in Seoul in South Korea twice – both layovers. It was great as it gave me a break from flying to the US and also gave me a little bit of time to explore a city I have never been to.

Making the Booking to the Call Centre

To make the booking you need to call the US Dividend Miles call centre. You can do this through Skype to save you some money as the call is classified as an international call from Australia. The agents on the phone are “geographically challenged” which gives you the advantage when booking the flights. You could create crazy routings through the cities if the agent are unaware of the rules. If one agent can’t do the routing – then just hang up and call again to get another agent.

US Dividend Miles uses One World Alliance

This programme is part of the One World Alliance. This means you can fly on Qantas, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Japan Airlines for example thus giving you a wider network of airlines to connect your flight to.

Best Amount of Points to buy for this Promotion

This is a tiered approach when buying the points. The best amount to buy the points is at 75,000 miles where you will get 30,000 miles more. So that would take your total to 105,000 miles – just 5000 short of a business class seat which is 110,000 miles.

The cost of buying 75K with the 30K bonus including tax is $2,170.59 USD. This is Approx $2,780.89 AUD as of today (3rd of Feb, 2015).

So I would budget approx. $3500 AUD for a business class seat as you need to include the extra 5000 miles and the tax which can cost $400 AUD.


Is this a great time to buy your points for your first or business class? I think so but only if you can redeem your points in the next 2-3 months for future travel of up to 330 days. To go to America on Business Class is 110,000 miles and First Class is 140,000 miles. Or to go to Europe on Business is 120,000 miles and First Class is 150,000 miles.

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