Grand Hyatt KL Living Room


Dates: 1st-8th July

Room Booked: Standard Room

Upgraded: Grand Suite

Cost: $200 AUD per night

Floor: 29


There is a large spacious living room. It includes top to bottom windows looking out over the city. Everything is very grand and luxurious.

There is a 3 seat sofa and 2 individual leather seats. 1 large round coffee table sits in the middle.

There is a 42 inch TV with around 30 channels.

Grand Hyatt KL Living Room 2

Grand Hyatt KL Living Room 3

Grand Hyatt KL Living Room 4

Grand Hyatt KL Living Room 5


Possibly one of the top 3 bathrooms I have stayed at. It contains the largest bathtub I have ever experienced in my life! See the picture below!

In includes a double sink which I consider mandatory now for a hotel of this caliber.

Grand Hyatt KL Bath Tub

Grand Hyatt KL Bathroom 1

Grand Hyatt KL Bathroom 2



The amenities are from June Jabobs. The Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel and moisturizer has a green tea scent. I’ve taken a few home as a souvenir.

Grand Hyatt KL Bathroom 3


The king sized bed is a bit harder than other beds I have stayed at – but still very comfortable with it’s linen. A 40 inch tv is in there as well. The bedroom is situation on the corner of the hotel – so you have a nice view of the city.

Grand Hyatt KL Bedroom

Grand Hyatt KL Bedroom 2


Buffet Breakfast

I put this hotel’s breakfast on par with the Conrad Hong Kong – but below the expansive variety of Conrad Seoul. Still in terms of the atmosphere – it tops every hotel I have been to. The restaurant called Thirty8 is on level 38. There is a great view of the Petronas Towers, KL Tower and other nearby buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Really – no need for us to go to the skybridge at Petronas towers to get a great view of Kuala Lumpur.

There are 2 sections of the buffet. The first section is Western – it comprises of scrambled eggs, an egg station, tomatoes, hash browns and pastries. The 2nd station comprises of Indian food, Chinese Dim Sums, Japanase Miso Soup and Fruit. There is also a noodle and congee station here.

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 1

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 2

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 3

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 4

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 5

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 6

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 7

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 8

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 9

Grand Hyatt KL Breakfast 10

Executive Lounge

This is by far the most incredible lounge experience. The variety of food each night is extensive – to where it becomes like a mini-buffet. There is enough variety. It is located on level 37 – so again with incredible views of the Petronas Towers and the Kuala Lumpur skyline. It is very spacious and has enough seats and tables to cater for the number of guests.

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 1

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 2

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 3

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 4

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 5

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 6

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 7

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 9

Grand Hyatt KL Executive Lounge 10


There is a beautiful swimming pool on Level 2. Our famliy swam there a few nights and had spectacular views of the Petronas Towers.

Grand Hyatt KL Pool 1

Grand Hyatt KL Pool 2


The hotel is situated within the KLCC development. It is a 5-10 minute walk to the Petronas towers by the underground air-conditioned tunnels which is definitely a relief from the strifling humidity and heat. It is within the “Golden Triangle” of KL where the main shopping district is. There are more than 7 large shopping malls situated around a 2-3km radius.


I was upgraded to a Grand Suite by using a Suite voucher from Hyatt as a Diamond member. So I essentially paid $200 for a room costing more than $450 per night. The hotel is approximately 1 year old making it one of the newest – if not the newest – hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The service is impeccable as all the staff were attentive to the guests needs.

The sky lobby, restaurant and executive lounge are all located in the top 3 levels of a 40 storey high hotel – making the views of the Petronas Towers and KL skyline amazing – especially at night. It feels like you are going to live in the sky!

The Executive Lounge has to be a highlight as the food and service was out of this world – one I have never experienced before.

This is one hotel in the world that will make any holiday enjoyable and worth going with this this one reason.

I have no doubt that in the future that anytime I think about visiting Kuala Lumpur – this is the hotel of choice and one I will definitely be recommending to all who visit this diverse and wonderful city. 



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