In Australia we have 2 Major Budget Airlines – Jetstar and Virgin. Tiger Airways is owned by Virgin – so really – you have 3 airlines.

I’ve flown Qantas domestically from Sydney to all over the country a few years ago. Most of them were  Sydney to Melbourne or Sydney to Brisbane flights. Since they were only 1 hour flights and I did not check-in any luggage – it really didn’t differ much to say a Jetstar flight. I did gain some status on Qantas though – but not enough to actually do anything with it.

So one of the criterias when I fly domestically – as long as they are under a 2 hour flight – is to go for the cheapest airfare. There is not enough time to enjoy a drink or meal on these short flights. So I couldn’t care less if I was on Business class here.

The name of the game is to get the best bang for your buck here. Recently I was able to snag a return flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast for $18. Cheaper than a taxi to the airport itself.

The majority of people will typically just book a ticket when there is a sale or when there is a need to fly. They possibly don’t go further in their research online.…

Air Asia Plane 2


Air Asia Flight Review

Date: 1st July 2014

Route: Sydney to Kuala Lumpur

Price: $500 per person

Seat: 45A Economy

Duration: 8.5 Hours


The seat was actually better than I expected. I was lowering my expectation on my first international budget airline. I would compare it as the same size of a Domestic Virgin Australia flight in terms of size. So I did struggle a bit with using my Macbook Air 13’. But it is manageable.

Air Asia seat 1