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Air Asia Flight Review

Date: 1st July 2014

Route: Sydney to Kuala Lumpur

Price: $500 per person

Seat: 45A Economy

Duration: 8.5 Hours


The seat was actually better than I expected. I was lowering my expectation on my first international budget airline. I would compare it as the same size of a Domestic Virgin Australia flight in terms of size. So I did struggle a bit with using my Macbook Air 13’. But it is manageable.

Air Asia seat 1

Air Asia seat 2

Air Asia seat 3



There is no entertainment unit in front of you. You need to rent a Samsung Galaxy Tab from the hostess. There are preloaded movies you could watch.

I could see that majority of people brought their own tablets and laptops for entertainment.


Food is not included in the base price. You need to pre-order or order on the plane. Myself and my wife ordered a couple of Malaysian dishes which were actually pretty good. The meals cost about $6. Purchasing it on-line will give you also an extra drink and desert. I think the meals are much better than say Jetstar where you need to pay $24 for a meal. We had Nasi Lemak, Biryani and my son had a nice hot dog. 

Air Asia Food 1

Air Asia Food 2

Air Asia Food 3

Air Asia Food 4

Air Asia Food 5


For $500 during the School Holidays – it is still a good deal. Air Asia have constant deals of around $400 return – so to travel to Kuala Lumpur is very affordable. Plus as Air Asia grows their network – you will have more choices to fly anywhere in Asia.


We flew into the new KLIA2 airport which just opened in May this year. It is a very BIG airport - but from reports I heard - is 10 times better than the previous airport which felt more like a crowded bus stop.

KLIA 2 airport 1

KLIA 2 airport 2

Why did I fly with Air Asia?

There was an American Express promotion last year where I could earn 10x more bonus points per every dollar spent. That promotion is over now. So I spent $2000 AUD for my family of 4. This means that I received 20,000 bonus points on top of the 2000 initial points already. So therefore I received a total of 22,000 Amex points. Now considering that each point is worth on average 5c (assuming I use my points to fly business class) then the total cost I would I have received is $1100 worth of points.

Also another friend with a family of 4 also wanted to go – so therefore I agreed to it and wanted to experience what a Budget airline is like these days.

Would I fly again with Air Asia?

I would – but would only be because of one of the following factors:

  1. There is a bonus points promotion which makes it worth it
  2. This is the only affordable flights during the school holidays that I could see.
  3. There are no award seat availability


For the majority of people who want to fly budget all the time – then this is a great choice. If you can get seats for around $300 return from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur – then go for it.

For myself though – I do prefer my method of using points accumulated to fly business or first class on full-service airlines.  The service, food, amenities and comfort is the deal breaker here.

Air Asia Plane

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