Air Canada Domestic Flight 1

Class: Economy (there is no business class)

Route: Vancouver to Seattle

Departure Time: 8:10am

Duration: 35 minutes

Seat number: 5C (aislie)


Flight was perhaps one third full so everyone was able to spread out. The plane was very small – basically a bus with wings. There was 1 flight attendant for the flight.…

Air Canada Food 1

Flight No: AC064
Class: Business
Seat No: 3K
Configuration of Business Class Cabin: 1-1-1
Departure: Seoul, South Korea
Arrival: Vancouver, Canada
Departure Time: 6:20pm
Arrival Time: 12:30pm (Same Day)
Duration of Flight: approx. 10 hours.


Check-In was nice and breezy. There is a Priority Line for Business Class passengers and I arrived at the Boarding gate and only had to wait for a few seconds as I was the only person in the line.…