Air Canada Food 1

Flight No: AC064
Class: Business
Seat No: 3K
Configuration of Business Class Cabin: 1-1-1
Departure: Seoul, South Korea
Arrival: Vancouver, Canada
Departure Time: 6:20pm
Arrival Time: 12:30pm (Same Day)
Duration of Flight: approx. 10 hours.


Check-In was nice and breezy. There is a Priority Line for Business Class passengers and I arrived at the Boarding gate and only had to wait for a few seconds as I was the only person in the line.


The seat is similar to a Virgin Atlantic Flight that I have flown a few times on Business Class. The seat also has another small seat when you could rest your foot or have another person sit there for a chat. It is blue in colour and quite spacious. There are 2 walls next to you so you have a bit of privacy.

The seat turns into a flat bed. Out of the 10 hour flight – I was able to sleep about half of it before arriving in Vancouver BC. So better than expected flight.

Air Canada Seat 1

Air Canada Seat 2

Air Canada Seat 4

Air Canada Seat 5

Air Canada Seat 6


There is a rather large screen that pops out. It is an on-demand system which lets you choose the movie you want to watch at any-time. I was impressed that the screen was also touch-screen – but not very responsive.

Air Canada Entertainment Unit 1

Air Canada Entertainment Unit 2


I was given an Air Canada Amenity bag. It contains a tooth brush, lotions, ear plugs, eye patches and a mint.

Air Canada Amenity Kit 1

Air Canada Amenity Kit 2

Air Canada Amenity Kit 3


I was provided a menu for the Business Class cabin. I was also provided some nuts and orange juice. Dinner is served 1 hour after take-off.

Below is the meal I had for dinner:



Pan-seared herbed Tuna Tataki with Wasabi Cream and marinated Fennel. I felt this was the hero of the 3 course meal. The Tuna was tasty with the wasabi sauce.


Mixed Greens, Cherry Tomatoes and Parmesan served with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Main Course

Korean Spicy Beef with Gochujang sauce presented with steamed Rice and Spinach. This dish was okay – but nothing special. Doesn't compare to the Korean cuisine served on Asiana Airlines.


Fresh Fruit

Pre-Arrival Breakfast

Main Course

Stir-fried Cuttlefish on braised Sam Lock Noodles. I think this was a bit heavy in the morning to have some oily noodles – but was quite tasty.


The below are choices for the light snack options (I didn't have any as I used my time to sleep instead.

1. Hot Sandwich – Turkey with Gruyere Cheese accompanied by Chocolates
2. Hot Noodle Soup – served with Shrimp Wontons and Bok Choy
3. Selection of Packaged Snacks and fresh Fruit

Air Canada Food 1

Air Canada Food 2

Air Canada Food 3

Air Canada Food 4

Air Canada Food 5

Air Canada Menu 1

Air Canada Menu 2

Overall Flight Summary

Flight on AC064 on Business was I would say average. No real bad points but no real outstanding points either. The toilets didn't have much in there compared to Asiana Airlines which had lotions, combs and toothbrushes.

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