Cathay Pacific First Class Check In 2

The Wing - Cabana 1

Date: Thursday 16th April

As I was flying First class from Hong Kong to Chicago on Cathay Pacific I was given access to The Wing lounge. This is located on the left as soon as you come out of customs.

Upon entry you can see grand comfortable seats. You know it's a first class lounge with the furnishings that are provided for the class of people who pay thousands of dollars to fly the top class.

The Wing - Seats 1

The Wing - Seats 2

The Wing - Seats 3

The Wing - Seats 4

The dining area allows you to sit and place an order with a waiter to serve you – just like a restaurant. You also have the choice to go to the buffet style and pick up the food yourself.

The Wing - Bar 1

The Wing - Breakfast 1

The Wing - Breakfast 2

The Wing - Breakfast 3

The Wing - Breakfast 4

The Wing - Breakfast 5

The Wing - Breakfast 6

The Wing - Breakfast 7

The Wing - Breakfast 8

The Wing - Breakfast 9

The Wing - Breakfast 10

The Wing - Breakfast 11

The Wing - Breakfast 12

What I was most looking forward to was the Cabanas. These are private rooms for you to lounge and have a shower or bath. The room itself was very big – much bigger than your average hotel room. I believe this lounge opened 2 years ago – so the furnishings provided were very modern. I spent more than an hour having a shower being the long 14 hours flight I was to embark on.

The Wing - Cabana 2

The Wing - Cabana 3

The Wing - Cabana 4

The Wing - Cabana 5

The Wing - Cabana 6

The Wing - Cabana 7

The Wing - Cabana 8

The Wing - Cabana 9

Overall a great experience especially the Cabanas. As I was there in the morning – the food on offer was quite limited. Would definitely like to try it for lunch or dinner one day if I get the opportunity to fly on it again.