CX Business Class Seat 1

Date 25/9/2014

Duration: 15 hours

Departure Time: 6:25pm

My flight from Hong Kong to Chicago was 15 hours which made it my longest flight on a plane yet. This gives a person definitely enough time to experience what Business Class has to offer you.


The seat is similar to the Sydney to Hong flight I had earlier – it was spacious and had enough room for me to pull out my laptop and work. Since this was a longer flight – I was able to turn the seat into a flat bed to experience sleeping on this product.

I’ve always had trouble sleeping in planes – and this was no different. I was probably able to manage 5 hours of sleep – but it was interrupted sleep as I was trying to get into a comfortable sleeping position. It was hard to spread my arms or manouevre it any way but the bed probably suited to people 6 feet and under.

The seat also included USB charger and a universal power socket to have your electronic devices charged at all times.

CX Business Class Seat 2

CX Business Class Seat 3

CX Business Class Seat 4

CX Business Class Seat 5


The entertainment unit was great – had a 17 inch screen and had a great spread of movies, TV shows, music and games.

I ended up listening to some Canto-pop cause when would I ever get a chance to listen to that at home?


There were 2 meals served for this flight – dinner and brunch.


As a starter there was a smoked gravlax salmon with green and white asparagus. Also provided was mixed seasonal salad and balsamic vinaigrette.

For the main I chose chicken teriyaki with steamed Japanese rice and seasonal vegetables. This was actually very nice – I couldn’t finish it as I had a big meal back at the airport food court.


Starters included apple juice, pink guava smoothie, fresh seasonal fruit and fruit yogurt.

For the main I chose dim sum with chilli sauce. This included pork siu mai with scallop, shrimp dumpling, pork and chive dumpling, mini chicken glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf.


Snacks that were available during the flight included Grilled Australian prime grain fed beef burger with Swiss cheese and pickled gherkin. Also there was shrimp wontons in noodle soup and ice cream.

CX Business Class Menu 1

CX Business Class Menu 2

CX Business Class Menu 3

CX Business Class Food 1

CX Business Class Food 2

CX Business Class Food 3


The service on the flight was attentive, polite and courteous. But as I’ve noticed compared to other airlines – the attendants don’t come around checking on the passengers unless called for.


I enjoyed the longest flight I’ve experience with the best airline in the world and would do it again in a heart-beat. Luckily I have another trip lined up on Cathay Pacific in April for the same route – but this time in First Class – so definitely looking forward to it.