I am probably biased because I was born in Hong Kong but have lived in Sydney all my life – I can’t get enough of the city. I have probably been there 10 times in the last 10 years. Every time I leave the city – I feel a bit sad – but know that I will be back.

I’ve been to many countries and cities around the world – but if there was one place I could live apart from Sydney with my family – then it would be hands down Hong Kong.

When you walk the streets and the shopping malls you can feel an instant energy. Hong Kong is always changing with the times and trends so every time I go back there is always something new to see and do. There is no other city in the world that compares.

My second favourite city is Tokyo with the futuristic buildings and cultural heritage and incredible Japanese food. But why Hong Kong I think tops Tokyo is the food. There is just so much more variety in Hong Kong than Tokyo. Tokyo is incredible for of course the Japanese food – but Hong Kong does all cuisines around the world just as good in my opinion.

The chinese food is great, the western choices fantastic and even does Japanese food really well. I love my congee and wonton noodles so will eat that at every chance I get. The buffets in the hotels are out of this world – try the Shangri-la Island buffet – simply incredible. Sydney hotel buffets could learn a thing or two from the buffet choice offered in Hong Kong.

I always love shopping in Hong Kong. One time I travelled with 5 of my family members on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class. As this was business class it also gave a very generous luggage allowance. You are allowed 3 x 32KG luggage and 2 hand carries of 7Kgs each. That meant you have 110KG of luggage you could bring back each! So our family of 6 brought back more than 700KGs of luggage which mainly consisted of shopping!

I’ve always found the prices for clothes, DVDs, jewellery, toys and electronics were much cheaper and had a greater variety. They always had the latest and greatest.  I generally don’t like shopping especially back where I live in Sydney – but I always get excited in Hong Kong.

There are so many shopping malls in Hong Kong that I think it could take you more than a couple of months in check it all out. My favourite is Shatin Central Plaza. The mall is so big that I think I need at least 3 days to check it all out.

Every time a person asks me what is my recommendation in regards to destination – instantly Hong Kong pops up in my mind as I know they won’t be disappointed and suits all budgets and lifestyles.

I will later post hotel reviews in hong Kong.