AA OHare Lounge Entry 1

Date: 29/9/2014

The American Airlines Flagship lounge is located next to gate K19 in Terminal 3 in O’Hare Airport. I am provided this First Class lounge access as I was flying Japan Airlines First Class from Chicago to Tokyo.

AA OHare Lounge Entry 2

My first impression of this lounge upon entering was that it was – old. I approached the counter and provided my ticket.

When entering  - the lounge was actually quite small – compare it to say one-tenth of the size of the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Hong Kong. There are 3 separate seating sections. They were old and worn seats. I tells me that this lounge is more than 20 years old and hasn’t been really refurbished.

AA OHare Lounge Seats 1

AA OHare Lounge Seats 2

AA OHare Lounge Seats 3

The food choices were even more disappointed. For breakfast – the only hot food item was bacon and cheese mix. There was sushi to cater for the Japanese passengers. There were some alcoholic drinks and bottled juices.

For lunch there was a minestrone soup which tasted ok. There was a salad and cake. But choices were so limited.

AA OHare Lounge Dining 1

AA OHare Lounge Dining 2

AA OHare Lounge Dining 3

AA OHare Lounge Dining 4

AA OHare Lounge Dining 5

AA OHare Lounge Dining 6

AA OHare Lounge Dining 7

AA OHare Lounge Dining 8

AA OHare Lounge Food 1

There of course was wifi in the lounge. It got pretty bad that after half an hour of being there – I wanted to walk outside as there was nothing to do or enjoy in the lounge.

Comparing this to say the United Global First Class lounge in San Francisco – it is like night and day. This is the poorest lounge of any sought I have experienced. It is even worse than the Qantas Club in the Gold Coast.


I would have to give this lounge a one out of ten. Really – is this even worth being a lounge? The food court in the airport would have been a nicer place to lounge around. It is disappointing as this is what First Class passengers are given.