JAL First Class Seat 14Date: 29th September, 2014

Route: Chicago to Tokyo

Class: First

Duration of Flight: 12 hours

JAL First Class Cabin 1


At the Chicago O’Hare International Airport Terminal 3 – I went to the Japan Airlines (JAL) check-in. There was no one there on any classes even though there was a separate class for First. As I was flying to Sydney via Tokyo all on Japan Airlines my check-in luggage would be going through all the way to Sydney.

The departure gate for Japan Airlines is K19 for today. It is right next to the American Flagship Lounge for First Class. I have written in a previous post about this lounge. This disappointing lounge does not reflect the excellence of Japan Airlines itself.

The departure ended up being an hour late due to a malfunction with the check-in system. As a first class passenger – I boarded after the kids/special needs entered the aircraft first.


The luxurious leather seat was spacious – it was wide enough to move around in. It is a true flat-bed seat which enabled you to stretch out a bit while sleeping. The seat itself is called the JAL Suite. There is a 23 inch LCD monitor for entertainment. It provided BOSE QC3 Noise-cancelling headphones. I preferred using my only BOSE QC25 though because it was a later model and had better noise reduction.

JAL First Class Bose Heaphones

The seat itself could be reclined to your hears content to make it the most comfortable flight ever.

There was an international power socket to recharge your gadgets as I would expect on a supreme product as this.

There were enough compartments to store your magazines, laptops and cosmetics.

JAL First Class Seat 1

JAL First Class Seat 2

JAL First Class Seat 3

JAL First Class Seat 4

JAL First Class Seat 5

JAL First Class Seat 6

JAL First Class Seat 7

JAL First Class Seat 8

JAL First Class Seat 9

JAL First Class Seat 10

JAL First Class Seat 11

JAL First Class Seat 12

JAL First Class Seat 13


Below are pictures of amenities provided:

JAL First Class Amenity Kit 1

JAL First Class Amenity Kit 2

JAL First Class Amenity Kit 3

JAL First Class Amenity Kit 4

JAL First Class Amenity Kit 5

JAL First Class Amenity Kit 6

JAL First Class Amenity Kit 7

JAL First Class Amenity Kit 8


The entertainment system probably didn’t have as much variety as the Cathay Pacific Flight but definitely sufficient enough to keep you entertained for the 12 hour flight. I was able to watch the new Transformers movie while eating my dinner. What was great was that there was some Anime/Manga that you could watch and read (Digital) on the system.



I was served lunch as soon as I boarded. You have a choice of Japanese or Western meal. I chose the Japanese meal as I could have western meals anytime.

The meal was divine! It was an authentic 5 course meal. Below was the menu:


Simmered Taro

Grilled Eggplant

Simmered Conger Eel

Prawn, Pumpkin & Spinach with White Vinegar Sauce

Crabmeat & Yam jelly with Chopped Okra

Egg Tofu with Caviar

Steamed Japanese Abalone with Cream Cheese


Japanese Clear Soup with Lobster & Mushroom



Radish & Smoked Salmon/Candied Chestnut

Marinated Beef Tongue with Soy Sauce and Wine

Ginkgo Leaf Shaped Potato/Grilled Flounder with Miso


Bean Crepe Roll with White-meat Fish “Sashimi” & Scallion


Braised Beef “Sukiyaki” Style & Miso-grilled Duck


Tempura Rice Bowl


Miso Soup

Japanese Pickets


Japanese Sweet

I thoroughly enjoyed the authentic Japanese meal – was not heavy and gives me a chance to try other dishes later on the flight.

You also have the options to have snacks and other meals from the A’la Carte Menu.

3 hours after my last meal – as it was not that filling – I asked for 3 items from the menu.

I asked for the following:

Salmon & Eel Pressed Sushi

Japanese Hot “Udon” Noodles with Seaweed

Miso Soup

The Udon noodles was really good. It was on par with restaurant quality udon noodles – not ones that you buy from grocery stores.

The salmon and eel on pressed sushi – was interesting – probably not my cup of tea.

The Miso soup was very nice – had little prawns.

I am had a taste of the Japanese Vegetable Keema Curry with Steamed Rice

As there were no set meals after the first meal – you can order as much as you like from the A la carte menu.  So I ordered twice. My favourite is the Udon noodle and the Miso Soup so I had that twice.

JAL First Class Menu 1

JAL First Class Menu 2

JAL First Class Menu 3

JAL First Class Menu 4

JAL First Class Menu 5

JAL First Class Menu 6

JAL First Class Dining 1

JAL First Class Dining 2

JAL First Class Dining 3

JAL First Class Dining 4

JAL First Class Dining 5

JAL First Class Dining 6

JAL First Class Dining 7

JAL First Class Dining 8

JAL First Class Dining 9

JAL First Class Dining 10

JAL First Class Dining 11

JAL First Class Dining 12

JAL First Class Dining 13

JAL First Class Dining 14

JAL First Class Dining 15


The Japanese attendants were extremely polite always putting smile. They attended to all my requests promptly.


The bathroom was like any other for an aircraft even if it was first class. It did have a fold-away table so you could place your clothes there while changing in the pyjamas provided by the airline attendents.

JAL First Class Bathroom 1

JAL First Class Bathroom 2

JAL First Class Bathroom 3


This is what you would call an out-of-the world experience. If most people can at least fly once in first class – then I would highly recommend this as one of the options to experience what a premium cabin is all about. Amazing First Class Suite with enough privacy and space that you actually wish the flight was longer! That’s how great the flight is. My flight duration was 12 hours – but I reckon I would have been happy with another additional 6 hours!