JAL Business Dining 1

Date: 30/9/2014

Class: Business Class

Route: Tokyo to Sydney

Duration: 9 hours 20 mins.

JAL Business Cabin 1


I was transiting on my flight from Chicago to Tokyo then Tokyo to Sydney. I had a 3 hours layover in Tokyo which allowed me into the Sakura Business Class Lounge for that duration.


The seat is very average – similar to the Asiana Airlines flight from Sydney to Seoul – but I think even more tight. I would probably compare it more to the Thai Business Class flight. There is definitely a massive difference between first and business class on Japan Airlines. It felt like this product is actually quite old and worn – I was actually expecting something more modern and better.

There was only one section below the 10 inch monitor where you could store your items – not much space at all. I had to put the headphones, blanket and pillow on the floor as there was no room.

JAL Business Seat 1

JAL Business Seat 2

Entertainment Unit

As said before there is a 10 inch monitor – could possibly only be a bit bigger than an economy monitor. It has about 20-30 movies, music and some games. Similar to the first class entertainment but a much older controller is being used.

JAL Business Entertainment Unit 1


As usual with Asian carriers – attendants were polite and courteous.


I selected the Japanese menu for my dinner.

It is the following:

Japanese menu – Hokuriku Gozen

Spicy Squid with Grated Radish

Boiled Green Soybeans

Sake Lees Flaovured Herring Roe

Seaweed jelly with Miso Vinegar Sauce

Simmered Taro with Black Sesame Sauce

Lotus Root Tempura Fish Cake Roll

Trout “Oshi Sushi” Boiled Glass Shrimp

Tofu Lees rolled with Sea-bream

Grilled Flounder Simmered Prawn

Baised Duck with Sweet Soy Starch Sauce


Simmered Yellowtail, Squid & Radish with Soy Starch Sauce

Steamed Rice

Miso Soup

Japanese Pickles


Coconut & Yogurt Blanc-manger

Small Tangerine Compote with Its Jelly

For Breakfast I also selected the Japanese meal

Japanese Congee with Mushroom

Short-necked Clam & Green Vegetables

Grilled Spanish Mackerel “Yuzu Miso” Flavour

Grilled Fish Cake/Egg Roll/Chicken Meatball

Seasonal Fresh Fruits

JAL Business Menu 1

JAL Business Menu 2

JAL Business Menu 3

JAL Business Dining 2

JAL Business Dining 3

JAL Business Dining 4

JAL Business Dining 5


Overall – a very average flight. The service and food does make up for it though.