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When asked about what I think are the best points currency to accumulate in Australia - I always provide the following in order of value and importance:

1. America Express Points

2. Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

3. Velocity Points

This to me is the general rule of thumb when accumulating points in Australia. Yes - there are other points currency such as SPG points, AAdvantage Miles, Alaska Mileage points and Krisflyer miles which are valuable as well - but the general public wouldn't know how to accumulate or use these points to the full effect.…

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Conrad Maldives Water Villa

I haven't updated my blog for exactly 1 year so I thought it was time for me to get back into it!

You may ask – have I lost my passion in all things points and miles related because I haven't updated in a while? I can say emphatically NO!!!!!! I've been learning and studying every day and week the best strategies to earn and accumulate frequent flyer points and then also personally redeeming it for my family to travel on what many could say once-in-a-lifetime trips – but I know we have many more to come. The reason I haven't been updating it is because I've been busy travelling everywhere and also starting my own business (not travel related) with my business partner.

Japan Airlines First Class - Caviar

Japan Airlines First Class Dining - Caviar

Over the last year I have travelled to many places with my family and also going solo. They include the following:…

How to use frequent flyer points for flights? For me it’s a no-brainer – either a business or first class suite. But how about which routes? What is the best value to redeem for the hard-earned points?

If possible I would use the points for the furthest distance possible. A 15 hour flight in business class is definitely going to be more enjoyable than in economy. But say a 7 hour flight in economy for example I would accept as it is tolerable.

So a general rule of thumb if your have frequent flyer points or miles is this especially if you reside in Australia. Never use your points for flights domestically. As the distance is short – usually an hour flight – by redeeming 16,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points between Sydney and Melbourne return but then also paying a hundred dollars or so in tax. In this instance because it is such a short distance – I would use other avenues to fly. For example I could use my free flight per year with American Express Platinum Edge Card in Virgin Australia. Or I wait till Tiger Airways has their super-cheap sales – then get Jetstar to do a price beat guarantee which also lowers the price by 5% and I don’t have to pay a booking fee.…

While you are collecting your points/miles from credit card spend I hope you are thinking of the best way to use Frequent Flyer points for International Flights. It is a cardinal sin to be using your points for domestic flights or a gift voucher. The redemption value with redeeming your points for a gift card compared to redeeming it for an international First class flight from Sydney to London is possibly at least 100 times worse.

Treat your credit card and frequent flyer points as a currency that is valuable. If you value it – then you will treat it with the respect it deserves and only redeem it for international business or first class flights. If you do not value it or are not educated about it – then you will redeem it on gift cards, toasters etc.

Now in terms of an international flight – what is the best way to get the most value out of it? Is it to fly from Sydney to Singapore (7 hour trip) or Sydney to New York via Singapore  (24 hours flight). The rule of thumb in my opinion is that the further you fly – the better value you get out of it.…

Is it even possible to get free flights in this day and age? Well – I say yes – but there is always a catch – you have to pay taxes. You may of heard of airlines in recent years advertise flights which are close to a few dollars – but then it doesn’t include tax which may include a few hundred dollars.

These days they have clamped down on this kind of mis-leading advertising with an all inclusive far including the taxes. The way I view how to get free flights is from my dear old friend – the credit card.

You see – by using the credit card if it is linked to a rewards program – every dollar you spend on the credit card – you may receive one point. Say the credit card has no annual fee (e.g The Citibank Signature Visa Card during promotions) – then by spending on your credit card instead of just withdrawing money from the ATM – you are earning points. By using cash – there is no real advantage – you get nothing back.…