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When asked about what I think are the best points currency to accumulate in Australia - I always provide the following in order of value and importance:

1. America Express Points

2. Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

3. Velocity Points

This to me is the general rule of thumb when accumulating points in Australia. Yes - there are other points currency such as SPG points, AAdvantage Miles, Alaska Mileage points and Krisflyer miles which are valuable as well - but the general public wouldn't know how to accumulate or use these points to the full effect.

As the saying goes - "If you fail to plan - you plan to fail". By having a basic understanding of what all these 3 programs to do - you would be able to redeem these points more effectively. By not taking the time to understand what a point is worth and what you can redeem with it - then a gift card or maybe a toaster is more to your liking rather than a Business or First Class ticket to New York or London?

American Express Points

Amex points is the most valuable points currency in the world in my opinion. With at least 8 different Frequent Flyer programmes and 3 Hotel Transfer partners (depending on the American Express Credit Card you have) - the world of travel is your oyster. I’ve explained how important Amex points are and the absolute power in has in my previous posts – I will not get into it here.

Qantas Points

I value Qantas points more than Velocity points due to the fact Qantas is part of the One World Alliance. Therefore I can use Qantas points to fly other airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, American Airlines and British Airways just to name a few. This would increase the chances of me securing a Premium seat rather than if I was to fly just on Qantas metal - for example Business or First Class to LA or San Francisco is near impossible for the average punter. Plus there are more options to earn Qantas points just via shopping, dining or even exercising.

Velocity Points

Velocity points is also another program that many Australians accumulate. My reason that I place on the value of Velocity points lower than Qantas is because it is not part of an alliance - though it does have "partners" such as Singapore Airlines and Delta Airlines. Trying to find premium cabins on Virgin Australia is quite hard for international flights to Hong Kong or Los Angeles for example - though not impossible. Therefore Velocity points does not have the reach of what Qantas Frequent Flyer points can do. Yes - you could transfer to Krisflyer (Singapore Airlines Frequent Flyer programme) at a ratio of 1:35 to 1 - but by doing this - you are losing value in your points.


I would recommend for everyone to accumulate points in all 3 programs - which would then provide you with the best options for future travel with points. By dedicating yourself just to Qantas or Velocity points - you do limit your options quite considerably. But by collecting Qantas, Velocity plus Amex points - your travel options are expanded exponentially. You could just focus on Amex points - but these days you can quite often double dip on at least 2 different programs. If you get quite experienced - you can even triple dip your points in 3 different programs.

Happy Points collecting!