Is it even possible to get free flights in this day and age? Well – I say yes – but there is always a catch – you have to pay taxes. You may of heard of airlines in recent years advertise flights which are close to a few dollars – but then it doesn’t include tax which may include a few hundred dollars.

These days they have clamped down on this kind of mis-leading advertising with an all inclusive far including the taxes. The way I view how to get free flights is from my dear old friend – the credit card.

You see – by using the credit card if it is linked to a rewards program – every dollar you spend on the credit card – you may receive one point. Say the credit card has no annual fee (e.g The Citibank Signature Visa Card during promotions) – then by spending on your credit card instead of just withdrawing money from the ATM – you are earning points. By using cash – there is no real advantage – you get nothing back.

So for most people after years of using the credit card – they may be able to manage to redeem for a flight from Sydney to Hong Kong on Economy class. They view this as a free flight even though they still have to pay the taxes. Technically they have earned the free flight – but the Credit Card/Banks have earned more money from you by charging the shops that you spend on commission for charging to your credit card.

But how sweet is it if you were able to accumulate enough points to redeem for a business or even a first class seat to London! Of course you would only have to pay the taxes – but this seems worthwhile as you didn’t do anything extra but use your credit card instead of your cash. Of course this is assuming you pay off your credit card in full each month. Always consult a financial expert/advisor for information if credit cards are right for you.

As in life – knowledge is power – and to leverage off the knowledge of the value of a point or mile is incredibly important in trying to score that “free” business class seat for you and your family.

If you want to understand how to get free flights – start reading blogs such as what you are reading right now to understand how points can provide you with the travel experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain with your own money.