While you are collecting your points/miles from credit card spend I hope you are thinking of the best way to use Frequent Flyer points for International Flights. It is a cardinal sin to be using your points for domestic flights or a gift voucher. The redemption value with redeeming your points for a gift card compared to redeeming it for an international First class flight from Sydney to London is possibly at least 100 times worse.

Treat your credit card and frequent flyer points as a currency that is valuable. If you value it – then you will treat it with the respect it deserves and only redeem it for international business or first class flights. If you do not value it or are not educated about it – then you will redeem it on gift cards, toasters etc.

Now in terms of an international flight – what is the best way to get the most value out of it? Is it to fly from Sydney to Singapore (7 hour trip) or Sydney to New York via Singapore  (24 hours flight). The rule of thumb in my opinion is that the further you fly – the better value you get out of it.

A 7 hour trip from Sydney to Singapore on Singapore Airlines will cost you about 127,000 Krisflyer points in a First Class Suite. A 24 hours flight on the same airline and class to New York will cost 225,000 Krisflyer points. The trip is at least three times longer but you are paying for less than double the points of the 7 hour trip.

If you really wanted to experience First class to its full – then go for the long trip – not the short 7 hour trip. If I only had a certain number of miles that I worked hard to build up and I needed to go to Singapore – I’d rather fly with Scoot (Budget Airline) on economy and pay the $300 return and save my points for that long flight where I will need the space, comfort and luxury to make flying a great experience – not something I would be dreading.