If you love big chain hotels – Hilton, Hyatts, Sheraton etc. and love even more the best deal out there on the market – this tool is for you!

There is a website called which is very innovative and exciting as it searches high and low for you on the internet for the best price. I met the founder/owner of this website on a recent trip to Chicago and he is also from Australia!

This is how it works – and I know as I’ve signed up for it and experiencing the best possible price as I sleep and does the work for me.

Sign-up for it. It is free and has a 7 day premium membership trial. Once signed-up – link all your hotel accounts. Currently there is Hilton, Hyatt and Starwood that is working. Next month (December, 2014) there will be Marriott, Shangri La, Rydges, IHG and Accor included as well.

Let’s say you have a Hilton account and actively looking to book the Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku Hotel in about 5 months time. The reason you also have a Hilton account – if you are like me – is to accumulate enough Hilton points to redeem for a hotel room in the future and also to gain enough nights to reach Gold Status.

There are usually two rates you can book – the “Advanced Purchase Rate” and “Flexible Rate”.

With the Advanced Purchase Rate – this usually means the rate is non-refundable. So once booked – you cannot cancel.  Say the room is $200AUD per night. You book this rate on the Hilton website. StayAngel will receive a notification that you have booked through the Hilton website and then will go through 22 other hotel websites to search if there is a cheaper price.  For example if StayAngel finds that has a cheaper rate of $180AUD  - then StayAngel (Not you!) will submit a “Best Rate Guarantee” claim to Hilton. Once Hilton verifies it – it then will match the rate of $180 (so a $20 refund) and then also provide you with another $50 USD off the stay. So this effectively has save you $70 for the night! This is for Hilton hotels. Other chains have other best rate guarantee refund rates.

If you have booked a Flexible rate – which means that it is cancellable at any time before check-in – it will go through the same process as the above with the “Best Rate Guarantee”.  Also as this is cancellable – it will continually look for you to see if there is a cheaper price over the next 5 months. If it finds it for you – then you simply have to just cancel and book again with the new cheaper rate. You would keep on doing that to the day before check-in to ensure that you get the absolute cheapest price!

Stayangel Screenshot


A word of advice is to sign-up and give it a go. I did and will keep on using it as I have 11 hotel bookings next year. For a limited time now – it costs only $10 per month for the Premium membership (usual cost is $18 per month).

If you have a few months to plan your trip – this is a great tool to utilize to monitor the best price out there without you doing much price. It also monitor hotels that you want to stay at in the future and continually notifies you everytime there is a price drop.