All the hotels these days have a best rate guarantee. It’s not just the hotels – but the hotel websites such as Expedia also a similar policy. For us as the consumers – this is a great thing – but hardly anyone will be bothered to search at least 3 different hotel websites to see if it is cheaper.

I’ve had a couple of successes with the Hilton Surfers Paradise Residences in regards to the Best Rate Guarantee. had a cheaper rate of $150 cheaper than what was advertised by So the policy is that if you book with Hilton – they will match the rate by providing the difference in the refund and also $50 USD as well.

So I booked 5 nights with Hilton – I was given $150 x 5 + $50 = $800 refund back. That was a huge amount – so I scored big on that one. Also as I booked on – I received the full amount of Hilton points before the rate was matched.

IHG have a great best rate guarantee. If you find another hotel site cheaper – they will match it and give the first night free! So if you are able to find it – then book on and submit a claim.

Be aware that the hotels will do everything they can to not give you the cheaper rate if they can see a slight difference in the conditions of the room. Something as little as a special gift included in the room could exclude you from the cheaper rate.

If you have been searching consistently for hotels and the prices like me – you will know from the different hotel chains if the best rate guarantees are worth pursuing or not. Many times I use a special code to get a cheaper rate anyways which other websites such as Kayak or cannot match so I don’t bother with the best rate guarantee as much these days.

But if you want to get the cheapest rate with a chance of getting a free night such as with IHG – then begin your search and make sure that the rate looks like it will be there within 24 hours after you submit your claim. Reason being the external website could have increased the price if a number of rooms have been sold for the cheaper price. So when IHG looks at it after 12 hours when the claim was submitted – the price would have been increased to either be equal or greater than the IHG website.

In the previous blog post – I wrote about the website called By signing up for free to this website – it will do the legroom for you so you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to find a cheaper rate. Why not give it a go and see how it can help you get a cheaper room? If you also travel often like me and stay at numerous hotels – by entering the hotel you have booked if you have booked a flexible rate – it will continually monitor the price of the room you booked to see if it has dropped. If it has – StayAngel will notify you and you can simply cancel and book on the new rate.

To the experienced traveller though – the cheapest price for the hotel is not everything. Also to take into consideration is how many points your receive, how many nights you need to stay to gain elite status for free breakfast, executive lounge access etc.

Best Rate Guarantee is a great concept – but my advise is be wary as hotels will try to find a legitimate way so they do not have to pay the difference.