When I stay at Hotel chains I am presented with an option – either have breakfast (up to 2 people usually) or have 1000 points credited to my account instead for each night. Which one will I pick? Easy – I would almost always have the breakfast instead of claiming the points. Let me explain.

It comes down on how much points are valued. If I take Hilton for example – if I am given 1000 points per night instead of taking the breakfast – then use the Conrad Hong Kong for example. Each room costs on at least $400 a night. If you use Hilton points – it requires 80,000 Hilton HHonors points per night. So $400 = 80,000 points

So therefore 1000 points is equal to $5. Usually a Hilton Breakfast for an adult costs $40 in Australia and overseas. Also if I use points and am a Hilton Gold member – I am provided breakfast for 2 adults and 2 small children – so is easily over $100 value had I just come to the hotel for buffet breakfast.

I value the breakfast to be around $100 – so compared to the 1000 points which is valued at $5 – that is 20 times better value. The only time I would consider taking the points is if I knew that I had to leave the hotel at a really early time which gives me no time to enjoy the breakfast.

Also if you had no status and was booking a hotel room from a chain such as Hyatt, Hilton or Sheraton using cash – would you include the buffet breakfast in the package? Sometimes it costs between $10 to $50 more for including breakfast for 2 people.

In my opinion it would depend where I am. If I am in an Australian city – I would opt for the buffet breakfast as all the café food is pretty much the same thing. If I went to an Asian country such as Hong Kong, Singapore or Malaysia I may decide to choose to forgo the breakfast package (so book room only) and actually explore what the city has to offer in terms of the cuisine. I love Asian food – so something like congee is comfort food to me and would decide to eat this instead. But the buffet breakfast on offer in Asia in simply amazing (e.g. Conrad Hong Kong, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur) that the sight of it makes the package worth it just to experience it.

America on the other hand – even if they had breakfast included – I might decide just to eat something else in a diner. American breakfast in their hotels are quite bad – limited choices and over-priced. I’d even prefer eating at McDonald’s breakfast just to save some money for something else. Same goes with Europe – advice is to save the money and go eat somewhere else.

At the end of it all – it is a personal choice of where you take the points or enjoy the breakfast – or just try the local cuisine.