One of the holy grails for travel is when a “mistake” fare is published on the internet. When a person finds out and is connected to a forum as well – the word spreads like wildfire in a matter of minutes. I’ve had my share of taking up mistake fares over the last few years.

How do you find out about these fares? First place to look is the world’s leading frequent flyer forum – You would need to be consistently looking at the updated posts to see if anyone has found one.

Recent example for me was that the Hilton in Bora Bora was advertising $500 AUD for a 5 night package which included the basic room, breakfast daily and also 4 spa treatments. They forgot to put the extra zero when it should have been $5000! So I didn’t delay and I made four bookings throughout the year. The great thing about this rate was that it was also cancellable which mean I actually hadn’t paid any money.…