Date: 28/4/2014

Route: Lounge Access before flying from San Francisco to Tokyo, Japan.


The First Class Lounge for United Airlines is located in the International Airport – near Gate G98. It’s not actually obvious – but you will find it eventually.


Upon entry of the First Class Lounge – there is a reception area where you provide your passport and boarding ticket for entry. Once the staff has done this – I take the elevator downstairs to the First Class Lounge

The Lounge is very posh – large sofa chairs and tables for people to eat and work

United Global Lounge Entry 1

United Global Lounge Entry 2


There was an assortment of hot and cold dishes – all very good quality food and the best lounge I have been to yet.

There was sushi, salad, noodles, sandwiches, smoked salmon, burgers, bagels, bread and much more. My personal favourite was a roll filled with prawns! I have never had such an exquisite roll before!

Sushi was of quite higher quality – not your food court sushi which has no taste.

United Global Lounge Food 1

United Global Lounge Food 2


Wireless internet is provided as well. The good thing about this is you just find the UnitedClub signal and connect – no password needed which makes it very convenient


As expected from a first class lounge – the restrooms were nicely maintained. They also have showers there – very good if you have a long transit connection.


Absolutely enjoyed the lounge. With ample space, quality food for lunch time – would look forward to coming back her one day to this lounge.

United Global Lounge Seats 1

United Global Lounge Seats 2

United Global Lounge Seats 3