United First Class Seat 1Seat

My seat which is seat number 2K – is right at the front of the plane. The plane I am in is quite large and has 2 levels. I am seated in First Class. There are only 12 seats here which provides a more private sense of space.

The seat is quite large compared to Business Class Seats I have flown on before. My foot could not touch the front of the seat or reach the TV! So ample space to wriggle your toes and foot around.

The seats are not leather though – it is fabric – so maybe they will change that soon.

The TV screen is big enough to watch a movie easily.

It does feel more of a pod as well – and you actually have 4 windows next to you! In economy you only have 1 or maybe half – so you can imagine the space provided!

The seat converts to a 180 degree flat bed quite easily. The controls are much easier than Asiana Airlines flights to control. For a larger person – you are able to sleep quite confortable if you are under 6 foot. The width is average for a First Class or Business Class.

United First Class Cabin 1

United First Class Seat 2

United First Class Seat 3

United First Class Seat 4

United First Class Seat 5

United First Class Seat 6

United First Class Seat 7

United First Class Seat 8

United First Class Seat 9


United First Class Seat 10

United First Class Seat 11



There is a variety of movies, TV shows, games and documentaries you can watch. It is also on demand.

United First Class Entertainment Unit 1

Amenity Pack

I am given an amenity pack containing lotions, fresheners, toothbrush, combs and much more. I think I’m going to start collecting all these amenity packs!

United First Class Amenity Kit 1

United First Class Amenity Kit 2

United First Class Amenity Kit 3


The Dining experience is as follows:

30 minutes into the flight you are provided the following:


Warm Appetizer

Vegetable spring roll and coconut shrimp with mango chutney – quite average

Sushi Selection

Pickled ginger and wasabi – sushi was surprisingly quite good. Probably came from the lounge


Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Bisque – very good soup that was warm, tasty and nicely presented.

Main Course

I choose the Japanese Course:

Japanese Selection

Appetizers of green tea shrimp sushi, fish cake skewer, nori-crusted chicken, squid, broad beans and asparagus

A main course of deep-fried fish fillet with soba noodles, shitake mushroom and carrot in gin-an sauce, clear soup with bamboo shoots and seaweed, squid with plum dressing, vinegar fish salad, simmered vegetables, steamed rice and Japanese-style pickles

This main course I thought was a bit of a letdown. Not much taste, bland and uninspiring. The soba noodles were the only possible highlight with a being a bit tasty. The fish fillet I felt was just microwaved.


I choose mostly water and orange juice during the flight.

Prior to Arrival

Swiss Cheese Omelet

Broccoli-potato gratin, turkey sausage and grilled ham

Chicken Katsu

Curry sauce, steamed rice and vegetables

Cereal and Banana

Served with milk


There is a table conveniently next to me with fruit, chocolate (Toblerone), cookies and chips that could be taken as you wish.

United First Class Menu 1

United First Class Menu 2

United First Class Menu 3

United First Class Menu 4

United First Class Menu 5

United First Class Food 1

United First Class Food 2

United First Class Food 3

United First Class Food 4

United First Class Food 5

United First Class Food 6

United First Class Food 7

United First Class Food 8

Overall Summary

A nice experience on first class with a lot of room and privacy – like your own pod. Much bigger than the pods in Virgin Atlantic or Air Canada.

The food though could be improved much more.