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Below are the current promotions in regards to Points and also updates in regards to my blog. I update my blog 3 times a week so be sure to regularly check it to get the latest tips in accumulating your points!

1. American Express Platinum Edge Promotion

American Express currently have a promotion with their Platinum Edge card. If you sign up and spend $500 in the first 2 months – you will receive 10,000 Amex points through my referral link below. If you did this yourself through the Amex website – then you will only receive 5,000 points. The annual fee is free for the first year during this promotion and remember you get a free domestic flight with Virgin Australia. This is my go-to credit card that has provided me and my family unimaginable amount of points over the last few years. If you wish to sign up please go to the link below:

Amex Platinum Edge Promotion

2. American Express Platinum Charge Card Promotion

This is the Flagship card of American Express. By signing up to the referral link below you receive 90,000 Amex points instead of the 80,000 should you do it yourself on the Amex website. This is enough for a Business Class seat to South-East Asia on Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific return. Below is the referral link should you wish to apply for it:

Amex Platinum Charge Card Promotion

Also I outline the benefits in my Blog Below:

Amex Platinum Card Review Part 1:

Amex Platinum Card Review Part 2:

3. Citibank Signature Visa Card Promotion

Citibank once again has the promotion where the card is fee free for life. This is the Visa card that I use when I cannot use American Express. I haven’t seen any other Visa/Mastercard that is better than this card in terms of fees (non-existent) and the reward earning potential. See below for the link should you wish to apply:

I did a review on this card – see below the link from my blog:

4. Points planning for the New Year!

As we are 3 weeks into 2015 – I hope you have planned your credit card strategy for this coming year. How are you going to accumulate your points for that dream flight?

See below my post for My New Years Resolution in regards to Points Earning:

5. Credit Card Strategy

In the following Blog Post – I outline my preference of the Credit Cards I use to fast-track my Points accrual. Do you have one? If not below is an example you could use.

6. What is the likelihood you are going to reach your Goal?

The New Year always brings new resolutions for everyone. I outline in the blog post below why you need to be financially fit if you are going to have a better chance of flying first class.

Till the next time – Happy Points Collecting!

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