Novotel Kowloon Bedroom 1

Date: 15th April
Cost: $150
Room Booked: Basic Room
Floor: 11
Room Number: 1118

I selected this hotel as I wanted to see what kind of benefits there were by having Platinum status.

Check in

Check in to hotel was average. After expecting some recognition in terms of benefits provided as a Le Accor Platinum member – I didn't receive anything. I prompted that person behind the desk and he had to look it up in his system to confirm I was a platinum.

It took a few minutes and he had to ask his manager before they provided me with an information sheet outlining the benefits.

I checked in at 3pm which was right on schedule


When I entered the room I could smell the dampness – I've smelt this in several other average 3 or 4 star hotels before. It wasn't pleasant – but sort of use to it so it didn't bother me too much.

The room I was given was on one of the higher levels – there are 15 levels all up. It was a king bed – but I could see the furnishings were getting old – even though modern. There were scratches on the desk which showed me that it had been well used.

Novotel Kowloon Bedroom 2

Novotel Kowloon Bedroom 3

Novotel Kowloon Bedroom 4

Novotel Kowloon Bedroom 5

Novotel Kowloon Bedroom 6

Novotel Kowloon Bedroom 7

The bathroom was average – only had a shower and toilet with a single sink. It was fine for me as I was only here for one night and didn't intend to spend too much time.

Novotel Kowloon Bathroom 1

Novotel Kowloon Bathroom 2

Novotel Kowloon Bathroom 3

Novotel Kowloon Bathroom 4

The view was nothing exciting – facing another hotel called "Rainbow Hotel" – but really no view at all.


The hotel is located in Kowloon – near the Jordan MTR station. It is about a 10 minute walk to the MTR station. Located off Nathan Road in a street called Saigon – it sure wasn't grand – looked quite run down. The place is in between Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui – so definitely a lot of activity. Plenty of local restaurants and "Cha Cha Teng" (Hong Kong cafes).

Executive Lounge

I was provided executive lounge – here it is called the Premier Lounge. I checked it out for afternoon tea – only provided some cakes and fruit – nothing too fancy at all really. Didn't really come back here for the evening drinks as I knew what kind of quality it is – better to go out and try out local cuisine.

Novotel Kowloon Executive Lounge 1

Novotel Kowloon Executive Lounge 2

Novotel Kowloon Executive Lounge 3


I was provided with buffet breakfast on level one – apparently the room I booked included a breakfast package which I wasn't aware of. The restaurant opens at 6.30am. I was there at 7am. It was very average – it had a few of your normal hot dishes like scrambled eggs and a couple of dim sums. But really was quite disappointing. Not much variety at all – I decided to have 4 items and a glass of orange juice. I would be going to the airport lounge in an hour or so and knew they would have better food available.

Novotel Kowloon Breakfast 1

Novotel Kowloon Breakfast 2

Novotel Kowloon Breakfast 3

Novotel Kowloon Breakfast 4

Novotel Kowloon Breakfast 5


This hotel I think would be a 3 star hotel – but it does make up for it by being in the city. I paid around $150 but don't think I would come back – it needs an upgrade. My recommendation is that if you keep your expectations low – then you would be pleased. At least I got some Accor points for this