The Air New Zealand Lounge in Sydney International Airport has good facilities – but the food choices for the morning are quite poor.

Air New Zealand Lounge Entrance

Air New Zeland Lounge Seating Area

The only hot items are scrambled eggs, sausages and baked beans. There is an assortment of cold items as well as shown in the pictures below.

Air NZ Lounge Hot Food Spread

Below is the cold food spread:

Air NZ Lounge Cold Spread

Air NZ Bread

  Below is the hot dog stand:

Air NZ Lounge Hot Dog Stand

This lounge caters for many other airlines which includes Asiana Airlines as one of the partner airlines.

The toilets/restrooms are quite nice with metal finishes and a contemporary appearance.

There is a business room which has a large table for meetings and workstations with desktop PCs

Air NZ Lounge Board Room

There is a kids room which has some books and toys for mostly the toddlers or under 8 years old.

Air NZ Lounge Kids Room 2

There is a section where you can recharge your mobile phone and laptop while working on it as well.  

Airport lounges are usually included in the package if you are flying on business or first class.

Hopefully the next airport lounge I go to will be much nicer.

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