Skyview Singapore Lounge Entrance 1

Date: 15th April, 2015

I had access to this lounge as I was flying on Cathay Pacific Business Class from Singapore to Hong Kong. I had high expectations as this was the dedicated Cathay lounge for Singapore. Probably unfair as Cathay's main hub is of course in Hong Kong and their Business Lounge was the best I've been to so far.…

SATS Premier Lounge Seats 1

I wanted to use my Priority Pass that I was given from my Citibank Signature card but never really had the chance to use it before. As I arrived earlier in Singapore airport – I had a bit of time roaming the terminal.

I remembered that Changi had a Priority Pass affiliated lounge and wanted to try this before.

Upon entering the arrivals hall – there was a sign to go to SATS Premier lounge.

This lounge also hosts other business class customers such as Japan Airlines.…

Arrival Date: 14th April, 2015
Departure Date: 15th April, 2015

I flew into Singapore at approximately 10pm and have a 12 hour layover with my flight the next day being at 10am.

Upon arrival and hearing about so many great and efficient things about Changi airport – I think I got off to a wrong start.

In the arrivals hall where I had to wait for customs – I had to wait 20 minutes before I could have my passport checked. It was either the people in front of me were slow or as I believe the person behind the counter was disinterested in her job.

The bad thing was there wasn't that many people. There was about 10 people – but in most airport this could be completed in 5-10 minutes. Other people behind me grew frustrated as well.…

Qantas Business Class Lounge Entry 1

Date: 14th April, 2015
Time: 1:30pm
Destination: Singapore

I had access to the Qantas Business class lounge as I was flying on British Airways Business Class departing Sydney and arriving in Singapore. That flight would then go onto London – but I actually get off in Singapore as I am headed somewhere else on my journey.

I used my US Dividend Miles points to fly – therefore I didn't need any status to gain entry into this lounge. That's the beauty of points – once you can redeem it with Business Class or First Class travel – then benefits such as express pathway through customs and security in the airport in addition to the lounge access is complimentary.

So I don't have to be loyal to any particular airline – I choose the routes, airlines and flights I want to travel on. I would usually get most of the benefits all the other premium travellers would also get.

This is my second time in the lounge – as it was lunch time – I felt it had more of a spread of food and drinks.…

ANA Business Lounge Dining 1

ANA Business Lounge Check-in 1

I was at the ANA Business Class lounge as I had a flight from Tokyo to Seoul that day on Asiana Airlines.

It was a medium sized lounge which had all your necessities.

One of the great things was that it had a noodle bar! As I love Japanese Udon noodles – I helped myself to 2 bowls! So you order it from the noodle bar – takes about a couple of minutes and you get a fresh bowl! Also there is ramen available and rice dishes.

ANA Business Lounge Food 1

The lounge is located near the gate I was going to depart at – gate 123. You go up the elevator and you will see the Asiana Airlines First and Business Lounges there.

Asiana Airlines Business Lounge Seats

As I had a business class ticket – I was only entitled to the Business Class option for this. Upon entry – the lounge was actually average size – possibly smaller than the Air New Zealand Lounge at Sydney International Airport


There is actually quite a big spread of food. I arrived there at about 4pm – so there were some people – but not overcrowded.…