Arrival Date: 14th April, 2015
Departure Date: 15th April, 2015

I flew into Singapore at approximately 10pm and have a 12 hour layover with my flight the next day being at 10am.

Upon arrival and hearing about so many great and efficient things about Changi airport – I think I got off to a wrong start.

In the arrivals hall where I had to wait for customs – I had to wait 20 minutes before I could have my passport checked. It was either the people in front of me were slow or as I believe the person behind the counter was disinterested in her job.

The bad thing was there wasn't that many people. There was about 10 people – but in most airport this could be completed in 5-10 minutes. Other people behind me grew frustrated as well.

Why did I leave the airport if my next flight was in 12 hours? I needed to try some local Singaporean dishes! So I booked the So Sofitel hotel in downtown which is conveniently situated next to the Hawkers Center – Lau Sa Pat.

To go from the airport to hotel and vice versa took approximately 15-20 minutes – so not far. When going to the hotel I was charged $23. When going to the airport from the hotel in the morning I was charged $37. Actually very expensive ride when it was such a short ride – but I found food and transportation quite expensive – dare I say it nearly on par with Sydney!

In Lau Sa Pat Hawkers Centre I ordered a normal Laksa which cost about $5. Then I ordered chicken Satay Skewers which costed about $13 for 13 sticks. Not bad – but that late night meal cost me $18 in total. Had I been in Malaysia with the same type of food it would have only cost me a fraction of that price.

On arrival in Singapore Airport checking in to go to Hong Kong – it was probably the quickest I have gone from receiving my boarding pass to getting through to customs. Under 5 minutes I think!. So really two different experiences from entering the airport and leaving the airport.

As I was flying Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong – I had access to the Skyview lounge. The terminal itself didn't seem that great – just a normal Asian airport with your high-end stores and some eateries – but nothing too exciting. Maybe it is because I am in Terminal 1 – and not the terminal that Singapore Airlines departs from is my guess. But I'll soon find out when I fly Singapore Airlines in a few months time.

Overall a bad and good experience.

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